Sub-Saharan Africa

Zimba, Zambia (not available for 2017-2018)

Clinical Rotation Description: Students who select this site will be working with a two-physician team. The two physicians run the local 85-100 bed hospital which is divided among male and female wards, pediatric ward, tuberculosis ward, maternity ward, and overflow ward. The hospital also has an operating room, post-anesthesia care unit, labor and delivery room, outpatient clinics, maternal and child health room, pharmacy, laboratory, x-ray, ultrasound, HIV/AIDS clinic, and directly observed therapy corner for outpatient tuberculosis treatment. Staff from ZMH conduct weekly outreach services to provide immunizations, growth checks, and family planning services to children under five years of age and women who live in surrounding villages. Care at the hospital will include a full scope to include OB, labor and delivery, HIV/AIDS anti-retroviral therapy, treatment for tuberculosis and malaria, injuries due to burns or falls, and more.

Durban, South Africa (CFHI)

Clinical Rotation Description:  The program will focus on health issues addressed through clinical rotations at a variety of public and non-profit hospitals in Durban and the challenges that arise in this region as such high volume of patients seeking care, the HIV/AIDs epidemic, and lack of funding to provide adequate services to community members.

Mekelle University, Mekelle Ethiopia

Mekelle is located in northern Ethiopia about 800 kilometers from the capital city. The program is located in a university hospital. The local hospital has more than 500 beds and serves as a referral hospital for a population of more than six million people. This rotation will give students exposure to the different tropical illnesses in the region and they will visit primary care health institutions in a rural setting. They will also experience a different approach, compared to the developed world, in diagnosing and treating the illnesses they are familiar with. Students will also visit health institutes that deliver primary care (primary hospital, health center and health post) so that they will be able to understand the health tier system in Ethiopia. During their stay, students will be working together with interns.

Please note: Not all CFHI sites listed on their website are available sites for this elective, just those listed within our site.

NOTE: The following UK AR applies to any student who is approved/selected to participate in this international opportunity/program:  Administrative Regulation 4:9