Statement of Obligation

At the beginning of each academic year, all medical students sign a Statement of Obligation form indicating that they have been informed of these obligations:

Official Correspondence 
The UK College of Medicine’s official method of correspondence with students is via the UK assigned e-mail address. I understand that I am responsible for accessing my UK assigned e-mail account at least weekly and preferably daily, and for taking any required action indicated in official university correspondence sent to this address. I also understand that it is my responsibility to delete old messages from my e-mail inbox so that it will not become full, and that I am responsible for any consequences resulting from undeliverable messages due to an over-limit inbox.

Financial Obligation 
I am responsible for all outstanding debts and contracts with the University.  The University reserves the right to assess financial penalties (including collection costs) on any indebtedness.  Any past-due accounts may be referred to an outside collection agency which could result in such collection costs.