Middle East

Israel: Ben Gurion University - ON HOLD

Clinical Rotation Description: Clinical rotation sites that have been utilized (to date) in Israel have included: Yoseftal Hospital, at approximately 65 beds, is located in Eilat which is on Israel’s southern tip. The hospital serves mostly the populations in and around the Negev and tourists. It is also the only medical center in a three-hour radius given its geographic location in the lower half of Israel. Modeled after Western medicine, although small, the emergency room at the hospital treats more than 50,000 patients each year. Full spectrum of hospital services is offered.

Oman: Sultan Qaboos University

Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, in partnership with the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, strives to assume a strong leadership role in academic excellence and maintain reputation as a premier referral health center. It is an educational as well as medical institution, performing five main functions teaching medical students, undergraduates and postgraduate medical training, research and providing tertiary medical care. The hospital is located within the campus of the Sultan Qaboos University and has a 600 bed capacity. Participants in the training program will broaden their practical and clinical experience by observing patients with different medical problems. Clinical rotations will be limited to Family Medicine and Public Health.


NOTE: The following UK AR applies to any student who is approved/selected to participate in this international opportunity/program:  Administrative Regulation 4:9