Visiting Rotation Resources

Visiting Rotations  

A visiting rotation is a clinical rotation done outside Kentucky and administered by a medical school or residency program other than the UK College of Medicine. (Rotations in Louisville done through the University of Louisville and in Northern Kentucky done through the University of Cincinnati are also considered visiting rotations.) 

Each student is limited to three visiting rotations, or four for students who chose to forfeit one of the available vacation periods. Each visiting rotation must be four weeks long, no exceptions. Approval by a designated UK faculty member is required prior to submission of any applications (see below) Students on visiting rotations at other medical schools or programs need to abide by all policies of the host programs, including the absence policies.

Planning a visiting rotation requires an early start and diligence with regards to paperwork and follow-through:

  1. Identify institutions that offer visiting rotations that you would like to apply for. The AAMC’s Visiting Student Application System (VSAS) is being used by the majority of programs and contains the information you will need to apply to those programs. Additional residency programs can be researched by specialty and location in the AMA’s Frieda Online. Look online for visiting student policies and processes for those institutions in which you are interested. Only make direct contact if you are unable to find the necessary information online or if you have specific questions. Applications for visiting rotations may be done in two ways, depending on the requirements of the host program:
    • Many or most medical schools and residency programs require that students apply through the AAMC’s Visiting Student Application System (VSAS). That system can be accessed online here. All students in the class will be given access and authorizations to apply for rotations through VSAS. You will need to inform the registrars if and when you would like your photo and/or transcript uploaded to VSAS, as well as any other documents that need to be provided by the registrars.
    • For programs that are not using VSAS, review the online application information to familiarize yourself with the documentation that will be required. Pay special attention to requirements for immunizations, titers, background checks, drug screens, or other requirements that may require follow-up and expense on your part. 
    1. Complete a Visiting Rotation Approval Form from the Fourth-Year Resources Page

    2. A visiting rotation course must be approved by the designated departmental representative from UK before any certification of your eligibility can be provided. This approval document allows you to receive academic credit for the rotation. For visiting rotations that do not require UK College of Medicine certification such as military rotations, the completed approval must be turned in to the registrars prior to the start of the visiting rotation. 

    3. An affiliation agreement must be in place between the UK College of Medicine and any visiting rotation site. The registrars are working diligently with UK’s legal team to establish agreements with sites to which students apply. Until an agreement has been finalized, you should have a back-up plan for this block.

    4. Notify the registrars as soon as you have been accepted for a visiting rotation that you plan to do. If you decide to drop a visiting rotation for which you have been accepted, notify the institution immediately and no later than one month prior to the beginning of the rotation. Keep a record of your cancellation in case it is needed later.

    The UK College of Medicine evaluation form is available to programs in VSAS. The registrars will also email you an evaluation/grade form and instructions while you are at your visiting rotation. It is your responsibility to be sure that a completed evaluation with a final numeric grade is returned to the registrars so that academic credit can be awarded.

    Visiting Rotation Resources