Personal Testimonies

What former boot camp attendees had to say after attending boot camp:

  • “Prior to attending the Medical Admissions Boot Camp, I was completely in the dark about the medical school admissions process. After attending the workshops, mock interviews, and discussions with current rural physicians I feel better prepared for the medical admissions process.  This program has solidified my decision to enter medicine and, more specifically, enter medicine in a  rural area.  I’m confident in my abilities and now know what to expect during the admissions process!  I couldn’t be more grateful for being given the opportunity to participate in a program as exceptional as this.” Austin Allen 2014 Attendee

  •  “This program has been extremely helpful, particularly the mock interviews.  Rarely do you get the chance to interact with actual interviewers in the manner we did.  Overall, it was fantastic experience and the most helpful event I have been involved in as a pre-medical student.” Chase Knibbe 2014 Attendee

  •  “This camp was a great experience and I gained a tremendous amount of confidence in my ability to navigate through the medical school admission process.” Max Shrout 2015 Attendee

  •  “This program is extremely beneficial.  The feedback given on your application and mock interview is honest and very helpful.  Going through RPLP boot camp shows you what to expect not only during the application process, but also after you have been accepted and you are a medical student.”  Chelsea Nolan 2016 Attendee

  •  “This was a great opportunity for me to get myself ready for the application process for medical school.  This was definitely a worthwhile experience, and very informative.  I also got to interact with other pre-medical students, physicians, and medical students.  I gained valuable knowledge and great advice.  This program also allowed me to meet new people.”  Zainab Anwar 2016 Attendee