Peer Support Services

In response to the increasing demands of medical education a group of students, with unwavering support from faculty and administration, have developed an organization dedicated to prioritizing personal wellness at the UK College of Medicine. Although this group cannot alleviate the pressures of becoming a physician, their goal is to strengthen the resilience of medical students as they begin careers in medicine. 

Resilient was established to make personal wellness a priority for all students. In order to provide compassionate, empathic, and humanistic care to patients, medical students and doctors must take care of themselves first. Resilient's three focus areas are destigmatization, prevention, and intervention. Our end goal is to be well, and do good.

Survival Guides
Resilient provides students with guides for each year of medical school to simplify the journey to academic and professional success. The guides, written by students from the previous year, include helpful tips for each course and rotation.

The Big/Little Sib Program
In the weeks preceding first year orientation, students are invited to complete a survey to be paired with a rising second-year who will become their ‘Big Sibling’ in medical school. Big Sibs serve as weathered veterans and mentors to incoming student transitioning to medical school. Big Sibs reach out and check in with their little sibs frequently throughout the first year of medical school

M4 Vent Line

Medical students can call 859-667-2525 to speak with one of these trained fourth-year students. The M4 Vent Line is staffed at all times by fourth-year medical students who have survived the stress of classwork, exams, and clinical clerkships.