Medical School Admission Boot Camp

FREE Medical School Admission Boot Camp (Virtual)
May 25-28, 2021 – Morehead, KY
Application Deadline is April 16, 2021

The University of Kentucky College of Medicine Rural Physician Leadership Program (RPLP) was created to increase Kentucky’s supply of rural physicians. As we have worked with rural students to assist them in getting into medical school, it has become clear that many Kentucky students attending regional colleges and universities are unfamiliar with the admissions process, and lack a clear understanding of how the admissions committee works. The Admissions Boot Camp was developed by the admissions office and the RPLP to remove barriers faced by rural students applying for medical school. This program gives you an insider’s glimpse of the medical school admissions process, with tips from the Associate Dean of Admissions and the Assistant Dean of the RPLP. We also review your application and your personal statement, and help you understand your academic strengths and weaknesses. Current medical students and interviewers for the RPLP hold mock interviews and provide interviewing advice.

The RPLP Admissions Boot Camp is a FREE four-day intense preparatory course for the medical school admissions process.  If you are from Kentucky or are attending a Kentucky College or University and you wish to enroll in medical school this program can help you to obtain that goal.

The RPLP Admissions Boot Camp is provided FREE OF CHARGE to those applicants who meet all admissions criteria and are accepted.  Funding is provided by the University of Kentucky College of Medicine’s Office of the Dean. 

RPLP Information
The Rural Physician Leadership Program is an educational program to identify and train physicians who desire to serve as practitioners and leaders in rural settings. This program is in response to the growing health care needs evident in rural areas of Kentucky and the rest of the nation. Such areas have limited access to physicians and other health care professionals. The RPLP is unique to the University of Kentucky and is designed to produce physicians in all specialties who can provide health care leadership. As an important outcome of this special educational pathway, graduates of RPLP gain knowledge and experience necessary to work with other civic and community leaders to improve the general health of their communities. The College of Medicine has partnered with health care providers, hospitals, clinics, and Morehead State University to train rural physician leaders. The RPLP currently accepts up to 12 students per year. 

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