Course Scheduling

Course Scheduling

Your fourth-year schedules will be created and maintained in the online OASIS system. Your login information is your LinkBlue account information.

Course descriptions can be found in the OASIS Catalog for UK COM. Please be sure to select the 2019-2020 academic year. 


Phase 1: Enrollment in permission-required courses
Requests for courses that require faculty permission will be submitted by students from February 6 to February 15, 2019. Each permission-required course has specific instructions in the course description detailing what a student needs to do to request permission for the course. Below is the list of which courses require permission. Please always include the rotation period you are requesting, and offer multiple options if possible. OASIS is not used during this phase. Rather, you need to follow the directions in the course descriptions.

No course placements will be made prior to the February 15 deadline.  After February 15, course directors will have until February 22 to select students for requested rotations and for department education coordinators to register those students for those courses in OASIS. These courses will then be “locked in” until Phase 3 of the scheduling process.

Courses that require faculty permission in all or some rotation periods are listed below. Refer to the course descriptions for instructions and to know which rotation periods require permission.

ANA-850Elective: Applied Human Anatomy 
ANS-850AElective: Anesthesiology
ANS-852Elective: Research in Anesthesiology
ANS-854Elective: Advanced Anesthesiology
DR-890Elective: Radiology Off-Site
DR-890MElective: Radiology at Morehead
ER-843Emergency Medicine (Permission required blocks 1-4 ONLY)
ER-849Elective: Extramural Rotation in Emergency Medicine
ER-890MEmergency Medicine Off-Site in Morehead
FM-840Elective: Research in Family Medicine
FM-849Elective: Extramural Rotation in Family Medicine
FM-850Acting Internship in Family Medicine
FM-851Elective: Family Medicine
FM-852Elective: Sports Medicine
FM-854HActing Internship in Rural Family Medicine in Hazard, KY
FM-854MActing Internship in Rural Family Medicine in Morehead, KY
FM-855Elective: Hospice & Palliative Care
FM-855Elective: Hospice & Palliative Care
FM-855MElective: Hospice & Palliative Care at Morehead
MD-855Elective: Community Engagement
MED-849Elective: Extramural Rotation in Internal Medicine
MED-856MElective: Nephrology at Morehead
MED-857MElective: Pulmonary Medicine at Morehead
MED-858MElective: Cardiology at Morehead
MED-863Elective: Research in Internal Medicine
MED-865Elective: Sleep Medicine
MED-870Acting Internship in Medicine (Permission required block 1-5 ONLY)
MED-870MActing Internship in Medicine at Morehead
MED-872Acting Internship in Medicine Pediatrics
MED-875Elective: Ambulatory Med-Peds
MED-890MElective: Internal Medicine Off-Site at Morehead
MED-901Acting Internship: Community Internal Medicine in Morehead
NEU-849Elective: Extramural Rotation in Neurology
OBG-849Elective: Extramural Rotation in OB/Gyn
OBG-851Gynecologic Subspecialties
OBG-855Elective: Gynecology
OBG-901Acting Internship:  Community Obstetrics and Gynecology in Moreh
OPH-849Elective: Extramural Rotation in Ophthalmology
OPH-850Elective: Ophthalmology
OPH-851Elective: Research in Ophthalmology
PAT-851MElective: Surgical Pathology Off-Site at Morehead
PED-849Elective: Extramural Rotation in Pediatrics
PED-850Neonatal Intensive Care
PED-852Elective: Pediatric Nephrology
PED-853Elective: Pediatric Infectious Diseases
PED-854Elective: Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition
PED-859Acting Internship in Pediatrics
PED-870Elective: Pediatric Cardiology
PED-871Elective: Pediatric Endocrinology
PED-876Elective: Pediatric Genetics
PED-878Pediatric Intensive Care
PED-879Elective: Adolescent Medicine
PED-885Elective: Pediatric Pulmonology
PED-888Elective: Pediatric Hematology & Oncology
PED-890Elective: Community Pediatrics Off-Site
PED-890MElective: Community Pediatrics Off-Site at Morehead
PM-841Elective: Preventive Medicine
PM-852Elective: Research in Preventive Medicine
PSC-841BElective: Psychiatry
PSC-849Elective: Extramural Rotation in Psychiatry
PSC-876Elective: Triple Board Psychiatry
RM-850MElective: Radiation Oncology Off-Site at Morehead
SUR-849Elective: Extramural Rotation in Surgery
SUR-862MActing Internship in General Surgery at Morehead
SUR-866Elective: Research in Surgery
SUR-870Elective: Audiology
SUR-872Elective: Outpatient Surgical Specialties


Phase 2: The course lottery
OASIS provides a way to match students with desired courses in a manner that is equally fair to everyone.

From February 23 to March 1, you will create a list in OASIS of your course/period preferences. The lists will be in the order of your priorities, and you may list as many options as you like.

To increase the likelihood of getting a very high-priority course, your list should contain that course in multiple rotation periods at or near the top of the list. For example, if you want to take ANS 850 Clinical Clerkship in Anesthesiology early in fourth year, your lottery list should start with that course in the preferred rotation period, say the second period. Then that same course should be listed in the first period and the third period. This maximizes the chances that you will get that course in the lottery, if not in the first choice of rotation periods, then in one of the others.  The OASIS lottery will not enroll you in the same course twice.

Each student’s course list must include all graduation requirements. The exception is MD 840 Transition to Residency; this course will automatically be added to your schedule in Period 11.

You should not list any courses for rotation periods in which you were enrolled in permission-required courses as those courses are “locked in” during this phase.

There is no advantage to submitting a course list earlier rather than later, as long as it is submitted by the deadline of 11:59 pm on March 1, 2019.

Your list should include all of your preferences and an ample number of back-up options. You should have at least 25-30 courses on your list to increase the likelihood that you will have a complete schedule once the lottery has been run. If you are placed in multiple permission-required courses, your lottery list does not need to be as long.

OASIS will run a lottery using an algorithm that will match students with their preferred courses in an equitable manner. The registrars and deans of Student Affairs will review the results of this lottery. If any student’s schedule does not meet graduation requirements at this point, the registrars will work with that student to complete the schedule.

The schedules will be reviewed by the Student Progress and Promotions Committee at their April meeting. The committee will consider the total schedule in relation to past student performance. If a schedule is not approved, the student will need to develop alternate choices with the assistance of the student’s advisor, assistant dean for Student Affairs, or any faculty member designated.

Phase 3: Waiting lists and schedule changes
Starting March 19 (tentatively) you will be notified that you are now able to log in to OASIS and place yourself on waiting lists for any courses that are full and do not require faculty permission. You will also be able to make changes to your schedules. Registration windows will be assigned if necessary and you will be informed via email when you can access OASIS for schedule changes and waiting lists.

Students will remain on the waiting list until another student drops the course and creates an opening. Department education coordinators will contact wait-listed students when spaces open in courses.

When a student makes a schedule change, the process will depend on the circumstances:

  • If the course has an opening and does not require faculty permission, you may register for the course and drop the course you had in that registration period. (OASIS will not allow a student to register for two courses in the same period, so you need to drop one course before adding another. You can “reserve” a course for a limited amount of time to allow time to drop the other course. OASIS will notify you of the amount of time you have to complete the process.
  • If the course does not have an opening and does not require permission, you may register for the waiting list.
  • If the course requires permission you should email the course contact to let her/him know you would like to take the course, and provide the information requested in the course description. If you qualify for the course you will be placed on the waiting list or accepted into the course.


Deadlines for schedule changes

All courses have a drop/add deadline of 30 days prior to when the course begins.

Each set of schedule changes must leave all graduation requirements intact. If you drop a required acting internship or off-site rotation, you need to add one to your schedule at the same time. You must always have eight courses in your schedule including the Transition to Residency course.  Courses for which you are wait-listed do not apply.

If a student’s schedule is found to be missing any graduation requirements, the student will be notified via email and must remedy the deficiency immediately.  If a student does not resolve the problem within 72 hours, or allows her/his schedule to become deficient again, this may constitute a professionalism issue and may be brought before the Professional Code Committee and/or the Student Progress and Promotions Committee.  Sanctions for a pattern of unprofessional behavior may range from required remediation activities to delay in graduation and even removal from the Match.

Students may view their schedules in OASIS at any time.

All schedules must provide breadth of perspective through experiences in a variety of clinical settings. Your schedule may not have more than five courses in one department.

Advising Requirement 
Students must have their schedule approved by a designated faculty member. Send screen shot of OASIS schedule to the faculty member and copy the Registrar, Brendan McCarthy, asking for schedule approval. This does not limit any changes you make after approval, schedule is not locked after this step DEADLINE: May 1, 2019. 

Payment of Tuition 
Tuition payment is due no later than August 22, 2019 for Fall Semester and January 22, 2020 for Spring Semester. These deadlines apply regardless of where a student might be completing a rotation. Tuition unpaid by the deadline will incur interest charges per university regulation.