Computer Laptop Requirements

Laptop computer requirement

The College of Medicine requires all incoming students to have their own laptop computer.  Laptop computers are required for the following academic uses:

  • Accessing course materials via the Canvas LMS
  • Review of captured lectures (Echo 360)
  • Computer-based examinations using ExamSoft® and Canvas
  • Digital microscopy
  • Access to online resources/reference materials
  • Faculty/peer communications

Minimum laptop requirements
The laptop may be either a Mac (MAC OS X 10.14.6 Mojave or more recent; server versions NOT supported) or Windows-based laptop (Windows 10 versions 1909, 2004, and 20H2 currently), and must have the following minimum requirements:

  • 2.4 GHz CPU (Intel i5 processor or more recent); newer Macs with the M1 chip are supported
  • 64-bit Operating System with 8 GB of RAM (32-bit operating system with 4 GB of RAM is acceptable)
  • A clear and reasonably sized screen with a minimum resolution of 1024x768.
  • Wireless networking capability
  • Internal storage of at least 500GB
  • Functioning mic/webcam (not required but recommended for video conference meetings, virtual office hours, etc.)
  • Administrator-level account permissions

NOTE: Most software applications do not support alternate versions of Windows 10 (such as RT and Windows 10S). Please do not purchase any hardware with the Windows RT or Windows 10S operating system. Additionally, when Apple releases major updates to its Mac OS, we ask that students DO NOT immediately update until we are certain software applications used within the medical school are officially supported for the latest Mac OS.

Required software

  • Anti-virus software: third party products are NOT recommended. (Note: Windows 10 Defender is sufficient for PCs).
  • Microsoft Office 365 (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word): free download of both Mac and PC versions available at (once enrolled at UK)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader: free download is available at
  • Web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.)

Recommended Configurations

Other Mobile Devices
The UK College of Medicine does not currently require the use of mobile devices (e.g. iPad, Android, etc.) running alternate (e.g. non-MAC or Windows) operating systems, and such devices do not meet the minimum specified requirements for laptop computing. However, to accommodate student interest, most resources (e.g. Echo 360 lecture capture) are accessible via these platforms. The University of Kentucky also provides mobile apps and email support for these devices.

Some students find it convenient to own a printer; however, this is not required. The College of Medicine provides public pay-for-print devices in several areas.  Student printing is provided by Ricoh, with locations and instructions listed on their website (

Financial Impact on Students
The Higher Education Act, as amended in 1998, recognizes computers as an educational expense. Therefore, students may request up to $3,000 for inclusion of a computer in their cost of attendance. This is a one-time increase during medical school; all adjustments will be for fall/spring.

Questions or assistance
Students are responsible for the ensuring the functionality of their laptops. For example, the UK College of Medicine offers instructions and assistance for connecting to the wireless network but does not provide software or hardware support for student-owned laptops beyond what is used for classes.

If you need help with deciding on a computer to purchase, we are happy to help you. Welcome to the University of Kentucky College of Medicine family!

Charles Woolum : 859-323-5408
Mikenzi Carter : 859-323-2278
Charles McCoy: 859-562-1283
Russ Willmann: 859-562-1490
Stephen Welch : 859-323-0009