Activities and Goals


  • Admissions: Participants receive information from the UK Associate Dean for Admissions and from the Assistant Dean of the College of Medicine Rural Physician Leadership Program, regarding the admissions process and general tips and advice.

  • Application Review: The Boot Camp application is very similar to a medical school AMCAS application. Staff and faculty provide individual feedback to attendees based on their boot camp application.

  • Personal Statements: Feedback and guidance on writing your personal statement.

  • Mock Interviews: To make this as true to real life as possible, the Boot Camp provides mock interviews for participants. Interviews are completed by current medical students and community members that are familiar with the interview process.

  • Current Events: During interviews, applicants are often asked about current healthcare events. Participants in the Boot Camp will discuss many current healthcare events with program staff.

  • Hands-On Activities: Sitting in lectures and discussions every day can become boring. For some fun, attendees practice simulation activities on mannequins that current medical students use during their training. These activities include suturing, intubation, surgical scope practice, catheter placement and IV placement. Medical students are the instructors for these activities.

  • Networking: Engage with students who are applying to medical school, as well as current UK RPLP medical students.

  • MCAT: Up-to-date information on the MCAT.


The UK Admissions Boot Camp will provide Kentucky college and university students:

  • A better understanding of the actual medical school application process
  • Increased knowledge and experience with the medical school interview process.
  • Financial Aid and other resources available to rural applicants.
  • Networking opportunities with current and future medical school students.