Academic Support

The Office of Medical Education offers services for assistance with study strategies, time-management skills, and best practices in approaching multiple choice exam questions.

All medical students are encouraged to meet with a student success resource person to discuss and reflect how they can be more effective with their time and resources. Meetings are available at all times of the year, but students may find themselves looking for assistance at the following times:

  • At the beginning of a course to make a study plan
  • After an exam that didn’t go as well as hoped to consider improvements
  • At the beginning or end of a semester to reflect on strengths and weaknesses
  • After trying a new study strategy and exploring effectiveness
  • When feeling accomplished but still looking to reach your full potential
  • Preparing for a focused exam (Step 1, Step 2 CK, or subject examinations)
  • Any reason at all!

Preparing a long-term study plan for United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) can be a daunting task. Whether preparing for Step 1 or Step 2 CK, individualized support can be provided from a student success resource person. This support can include developing a timeline, practice test review, narrowing down resources, exploring strategies for stamina and studying, and many topics in between.

Contact Us

The Student Success Team works together across all campuses to support medical students. The best contact person for you may be dependent on location or topic. To begin a discussion or request a meeting with a student success staff member start with your local campus contact but rest assured, no matter the title or location, we work together to support you!

Jason LaBret
Academic Advisor, Lexington Campus

Schedule a meeting with Jason directly here.


Kent Lewis
Student Affairs Officer, Bowling Green Campus

Schedule a meeting with Kent directly here.


Emily Scanlon
Student Success Director
Northern Kentucky Campus

Schedule a meeting with Emily directly here.

Peer Coaches

Peer coaches are students who have successfully completed advanced levels of the medical school curriculum. They meet with requesting students as a peer resource and bring context, examples, experience, and additional resources to the discussion. A peer coach may be utilized for a specific instance or may become a regular guide throughout the curriculum depending on the need and relationship established.

Peer coaches are trained by student success staff to focus on broader strategies rather than specific content, although, content may be used as an example. If you are interested in becoming a peer coach please contact Jason LaBret at

If you are interested in requesting a peer coach please fill out this request form. 

Request a Peer Coach 

The peer coaching format is dependent on the needs of the student requesting. In-person peer coaching is available on all campuses. Many students prefer video conferencing, phone calls, or even texting with their peer coach.


The UK Disability Resource Center is available to medical students. If you are a student with a disability seeking accommodations please contact the Disability Resource Center to register no matter which campus you are completing your medical education. They do an excellent job answering questions and have the registration process clearly defined on their website home page. There are also descriptions about what documentation is needed from providers.

After registering, providing documentation, and finalizing accommodations, you will be provided a letter of accommodation. Please submit your letter to Emily Scanlon ( with the College of Medicine. We will implement the accommodations.

Medical Center Library

An overview of all library resources available to the College of Medicine can be found here:

View Library Resources 

Textbooks and suggested readings and resources have been compiled from course syllabi. To easily search and access the e-books for pre-clinical and clerkship courses visit the below sites.

Pre-Clinical E-Book Resources 

Clerkship E-Book Resources

Study Skills Basics

Each student will spend time exploring their own style and preference for studying and reviewing information. The Medical Center Library has some suggested best practices to follow during studying exploration.


Tools and Resources

In addition to attending lectures, reviewing provided PowerPoints, reading textbooks, and discussion with content experts (course directors), some students benefit from additional resources to organize and see information in a different format. Some additional resources can simplify your preferred style of studying while others present content in new ways. The Medical Center Library also suggests some helpful resources.

Helpful Resources