A major goal of undergraduate study should be intellectual development through the in-depth pursuit of some area of knowledge: humanities, social sciences or natural sciences. No specific course of study is required; however, completion of the following courses or their equivalent constitute the minimal requirements for admission:

  • Two semesters of biology with laboratories
  • Two semesters of general chemistry with laboratories
  • Two semesters of organic chemistry with laboratories
  • Two semesters of physics which include laboratory work
  • One semester of biochemistry
  • Two semesters of English with emphasis on communication skills

A biochemistry lecture course may be used as a substitute for a second semester organic chemistry laboratory. Prerequisite course work must be taken for grade options and not pass-fail. Courses in mathematics, psychology and the humanities also provide excellent preparation for medical study. Non-science majors should try to include several upper-level courses in biology, chemistry or related disciplines. Prerequisite courses must be completed prior to matriculation at the College of Medicine.

In order to be well prepared for MCAT, we strongly recommend that prospective applicants complete courses in cell biology,  statistics, psychology, and sociology.

The College of Medicine strongly recommends that students obtain a bachelor's degree before entering medical school. All prerequisite course work must be earned at colleges and universities recognized by one of the U.S. Regional Accrediting Agencies. If you have questions about whether a particular course meets the prerequisite requirement you should consult with your premedical advisor. See Before You Apply for University of Kentucky premedical advisor information.  Prerequisite courses must be completed prior to matriculation.

Advanced Placement Credit

The University of Kentucky recognizes examinations of the College Board Advanced Placement Program offered by high schools throughout the nation. The Admissions Committee has adopted the following policy regarding use of Advanced Placement (AP) credit for required prerequisite courses for medical school:

  • Accepted: AP biology with a score of 4 or 5
  • Recommended: Additional upper division biology with labs
  • Accepted: AP chemistry with a score of 4 or 5
  • Required: Take general chemistry labs and organic chemistry and labs
  • NOT Accepted: AP physics
  • Required: Take physics with lab
  • NOT Accepted: AP English
  • Required: Take at least two semesters of intensive writing/literature or communications/public speaking courses