International Students

International students who have strong ties to Kentucky are welcome to apply to the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. At least one full year of undergraduate or graduate study in a regionally accredited U.S. school is required for application to medical school. The University of Kentucky considers international applicants with very strong academic records in the same manner as any other non-resident applicant.

If accepted to the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, international students must pay non-resident tuition and fees. Because F-1 international students are not eligible for U.S. federal loans, and because UKCOM requires documentation of at least two years of funding in place prior to issuing the I-20 and loan funds are typically dispersed annually, financing medical education entirely through loans  is not an option. College of Medicine funds are not available to cover the cost, or to underwrite, a medical education for international students. The College of Medicine is part of a state-supported institution and  medical school scholarships in endowment accounts are primarily designated to be awarded to Kentucky residents. Therefore, international students who are offered admission will be required to submit documentation of sufficient funds to cover all expenses associated with completing a medical degree.

If an accepted international applicant does not qualify for governmental financial aid, documentation of funds in a University of Kentucky holding account necessary to cover tuition, fees, books, supplies, other curriculum costs, and living expenses for the first two years of medical school must be provided prior to being allowed to matriculate in the College of Medicine. Again, Please note that because loan funds are typically dispersed no more than one year at a time, funding the two year holding account with loans is not a viable option. International students may also be asked to sign a Master Promissory Note detailing a financial plan to cover all costs for the remainder of their medical degree program. Students who do not provide the required financial plan and supporting documents, as determined by the University, prior to the start of medical school will not be allowed to matriculate.

Students who do not have sufficient funds to pay for their tuition, fees and living expenses while enrolled in medical school will have their enrollment terminated.

Note:  Canadian citizens who plan to apply to residency training programs in the United States at the completion of their MD program should thoroughly familiarize themselves with Health Canada policies and processes concerning the issuance of the Statement of Need required to secure a J-1 visa for the specialty training.  Please be aware that there are restrictions regarding approved specialties and that policies are subject to change.

Statement of Need Program for Medical Graduates Pursuing Postgraduate Medical Training in the United States