How to Request Financial and FAQs

Entrance Counseling is required for any student who utilizes the Federal Direct Loan Program. 

Complete the MPN at The MPN must be completed in one session (20 minutes). 

A Federal Student Aid ID is required for access. You can request an aid ID online if you do not already have one. 

Generally, you will need to complete the MPN one time (for your first application for a Direct Loan). But the promissory note can expire while attending, and a second completion would be required.

Tuition statements are e-mailed to students at the beginning of each semester. (i.e. August 1 and January 1)

The loan funds will be disbursed in two equal payments - the first disbursement in August and the second in January. The payments will be posted to your University student account for payment of tuition and fees. If the loan exceeds that amount, Student Account Services will issue a refund to you, via direct deposit into your designated checking account. Be sure to update your direct deposit information at the myUK portal. (See instructions below.)

Other loans (e.g., Shely, private loans), Veterans benefits, and institutional scholarships (internal and external) will be posted to your myUK account.

Students can pay tuition and fees by credit card (2.25% service fee), debit card (1.25% service fee), or by electronic check (no service fee) online at myUK  (Financials --> Account Services --> Web Payment Service).
Students who fail to meet the initial fall and spring semester payment deadlines will be assessed a monthly penalty of 1.5 percent of the unpaid balance.

To request child care assistance, please complete this form and return it to the Financial Aid office. 

Residency is handled by the Office of Undergraduate Admission and University Registrar.

All new students who apply for financial aid receive a Financial Aid Award Notice on or around June 15. Recipients must accept or decline the aid offer at myUK and may also increase or reduce loan amounts.

A residual refund check is generated when financial aid credit (actual funds directly posted to the student account) exceeds total charges. This usually occurs within a week to 10 days after the beginning of the semester. Residual checks are deposited directly into student-designated checking account.

Students are not permitted to work during medical school without proper approval from Student Progress and Promotions Committee (SPPC).

Yes, provided you submit proper documentation of the purchase (maximum of $3,000) to Financial Aid. This cost is funded only once during your medical school career. Before purchasing, learn more about the policy on laptop computers.