How to Apply for RPLP

Anyone with an interest in rural health is welcome to apply to the Rural Physician Leadership Program. Preference is given to in-state applicants, but most RPLP classes have out-of-state students.

The RPLP will admit up to 10 students per year. The program provides an excellent preparation for surgery, medical specialties, psychiatry, family medicine, or any other specialty of medicine, practiced in a rural area.

How do I apply?
The RPLP is a separate curricular track at the UK College of Medicine. In order to make application for the program, RPLP applicants must designate “Other Special Program” as the program type on their American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) medical school application.

Students will be asked to rank their campus choice on the secondary application. Applicants to the RPLP program should rank Morehead as their first choice campus.  

Admission interviews will take place in Morehead. Academic criteria, rural interest, and leadership potential will all be considered during selection. There are no academic or financial penalties for those students who decide not to pursue a rural practice after graduation

Clinical faculty members, university administrators, and key community members serve as interviewers at the regional site. That cadre of interviewers at the regional site work in conjunction with the UK College of Medicine Admissions Committee to select up to 10 students to matriculate to the RPLP each year. Students who are accepted are notified immediately of their status. Students interested in the RPLP should learn more about the overall admissions process at the UK College of Medicine.

Interested students are encouraged to schedule a visit to the RPLP in Morehead.

Morehead Regional Site Contacts:
Anthony Weaver, M.D. 
Assistant Dean, Morehead Regional Site
(office): 606-783-8989
(cell): 606-207-9505
(fax): 606-783-5063

Bodie Stevens
Administrative Staff Officer
(office): 606-783-8997
(fax): 606-783-5063

Lisa Knight
Health Education Coordinator
(office): 606-783-8993

Pre-Admission Guidance
There are unique challenges and opportunities that go along with the decision to attend medical school. To help you navigate these challenges, the UK College of Medicine Admissions Office will help to answer any questions that you may have as you consider applying for RPLP.

For pre-admission guidance regarding RPLP, please contact Kim Scott.

Kim Scott
Assistant Director of Admissions
UK College of Medicine
(office): 859-323-1572