International Clerkship in Primary Care

International Clerkship in Primary Care: Also known as FM853, this four-week elective offered to M4 students allows the opportunity to experience primary care systems and practice in an international setting. Students will be approved to rotate at one location from among sites already selected, which will provide an excellent clinical experience with supervision. This immersion experience will require the student to live in and learn from the community, about the health and health concerns of its people. Students may apply by enrolling in the course through 1) the registrar's office and 2) completing an application in Education Abroad. The application cycle will open in early February and close the beginning of April. Please visit the site descriptions to learn more about available rotations and associated costs. 

Course Objectives

  1. Identify concerns and challenges facing patients and providers in the delivery of health care in a system with limited resources and contrast these with health care in a resource-rich setting.
  2. Describe the unique features of the health care system (to include prevention services) in a setting outside the United States.
  3. Participate in the delivery of primary health care in a setting outside the United States.
  4. Reflect on the impact that culture, political systems and lifestyles have on the standards and accessibility of health care.

To access the Education Abroad application, click HERE

NOTE: The following UK AR applies to any student who is approved/selected to participate in this international opportunity/program:  Administrative Regulation 4:9