ExamSoft® Information

ExamSoft® is a proprietary platform that allows course directors to electronically construct and securely administer exams using students’ personal laptop computers. The ExamSoft® system also allows for post-exam reviews, the generation of performance analytics (both individual and aggregated), and preliminary test scoring.  

For faculty members, ExamSoft® is entirely web-based – and can be accessed via any wired or wireless Internet connection.  For new or existing user accounts, please contact Ben Lawson (323-5779) - the UKCOM ExamSoft® chief administrator (joseph.lawson@uky.edu).

The University of Kentucky ExamSoft® Custom Home Page (CHP) is available at:  https://www.examsoft.com/dotnet/Default.aspx?f=ukymed

To access all ExamSoft materials, you MUST use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome  – MS Internet Explorer WILL NOT work properly.   

Tutorials are available for faculty to review.  For additional assistance with ExamSoft® modules, please contact our office.