Evaluation Services

Assessment and Quality Management provides evaluation services for medical education through the administration and support of required faculty and course/clerkship evaluations.

The course and clerkship evaluation process utilizes a standardized system wherein students provide feedback on all required courses and clerkships in the medical curriculum. Core/standard evaluation items — approved by the Curriculum Committee — are combined with course-specific evaluation items to provide summative numerical ratings on various factors related to the quality of the course or clerkship. Students also have opportunities to note strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions for improvement. Both formative and summative/annual reporting mechanisms are utilized to provide timely feedback to the educational leadership in the College of Medicine.

The faculty evaluation process operates similarly. Students provide feedback on individual instruction by faculty members (rate faculty on core/standard items and department-specific items and provide constructive comments). Formative and summative/annual reports are readily available for review.

Assessment and Quality Management provides support for the curricular quality assurance program and the Curriculum Committee’s formal course review. Staff members also participate in curricular monitoring and program evaluation processes, with an emphasis on data collection and analysis pertaining to key elements of educational effectiveness. These efforts include support for the College’s accreditation process.