Evaluation Letters

Letters of Evaluation may be provided by one of three methods and must be accompanied by the AMCAS Letter Request form. See the detailed instructions on this procedure. The AMCAS Letter Request form is only accessible during the AMCAS application process and provides proper identification to ensure accurate matching of the letter to the applicant file. All letters must be submitted directly to AMCAS and not to the University of Kentucky. Your school may participate in electronic submission of these letters through Virtual Evals or Interfolio.

  • If your school has a premedical committee, you must use their recommendation process and forms. Download the AMCAS Letter Request form for the committee to submit in conjunction with its recommendation.
  • A premedical advisor may furnish a composite evaluation compiled from the contributing faculty at your school. The AMCAS Letter Request form must also accompany the composite evaluation.
  • If there is no committee or advisor at your undergraduate institution, we require that you provide at least one of the three recommendations from a faculty member in your major area of concentration and at least one from a science area. (Letters from teaching assistants and graduate assistants are not acceptable). These letters must be accompanied by the AMCAS Letter Request form.
  • If you are a re-applicant to our medical school, we require that you submit two new letters of evaluation with your revised and updated medical school application.

If you cannot provide letters by any of these methods, please contact the Admission Office to address your specific situation. Refer to the Important Dates page to see a list of key dates for applying to our medical school.