India: Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences 

Clinical Rotation Description: This facility is a 500 bed hospital with 800 outpatient visits per month. The site is both a medical and nursing school. Students will have opportunities to see outpatient and inpatient medicine, emergency room, medical ICU, community health center and research/SHARE office.

India: Manipal University

This elective will provide the students an opportunity to learn the health care delivery systems in rural India. Health care in India is facing a huge challenge because of rising burden of chronic non-communicable diseases, increasing elderly population, environmental changes as well as maternal and child mortality. The HIV/AIDS pandemic and other communicable diseases still exert immense pressure on the health systems. The students will be posted in rural and urban health centers where they will get an exposure to preventive, promotive and curative primary health care services. In addition, they will also get an exposure to the common maternal and child health problems along with common diseases in the community and will be trained to manage these problems. The students will also be trained in health system research and basic biostatistics, as well as be involved in short-term research projects, in areas of public health importance.

India: Rural Himalayan Rotation (CFHI)

Clinical Rotation Description: Students will travel through three locations during the duration of the program. The first two weeks will be spent in the Capital City of Dehra Dun, where patients come from different areas. Followed by one week in Mussoorie and one week in Patti. Traveling through multiple towns means that students will be able to see Indian health care in a variety of locations, whether through health camps conducted in isolated villages or working with an NGO that focuses on community development. This experience is part of an ongoing operation to maintain a successful health care clinic serving Patti and the 28 surrounding villages.

India: Palliative Care in Southern India (CFHI)

Partake in a unique and pioneering community health care service program by learning about the challenges faced by palliative care in India. Students will participate in lectures provided by Pallium India during their first week to better understand palliative care and its role in India, including pain management, the role of family, and the role of spirituality in palliative care. During the last three weeks, participants will join the Pallium India team on home care visits and other health care facilities, such as a hospice care center and local clinics in neighboring villages near the city of Trivandrum.

India: Public Health and Community Medicine (CFHI)

The Public Health and Community Medicine program is unique from other CFHI programs. It combines service-learning opportunities in public health and clinical settings. Unlike CFHI's traditional programs, this site will focus more on learning about public health issues facing the region and participating, in a limited way, in the provision of health care at clinical facilities. This unique program combines interactions and discussions with the senior public health professionals with clinical work at government and charitable hospitals, rotations in nonprofit organizations, and lectures with senior policy makers. These experiences will complement participants' clinical immersion in hospitals in and around Delhi. The program is spread across rural and urban areas so participants get an overview of challenges and strategies in both settings. Some may have the opportunity to do rotations in Chandigar if the number of students in the program is two or more.

India: Maternal and Child Health in Pune, India (CFHI)

Located in the Sahayadri Hills, a few hours from the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, Pune is a fascinating city with a nice year-round climate. The Maternal Child Health in Pune program will offer comprehensive learning opportunities in health and a vibrant Marathi culture. Participants will have the chance to work with a variety of clinical sites including larger hospitals and smaller rural clinics. Some clinical sites are run and managed by the government, and others are privately owned and may or may not operate with public funding. In this program, participants will be exposed to the health care system in India that caters to the needs of women and children. They will experience antenatal care, intranatal care and postnatal care facilities and will learn about newborn care, immunization schedules and pediatric care up to age five. Participants can also rotate in family planning clinics, and will have the opportunity to work in clinics that manage sexually transmitted infections and disease.

Please note: Not all CFHI sites listed on their website are available sites for this elective, just those listed on our site.


NOTE: The following UK AR applies to any student who is approved/selected to participate in this international opportunity/program:  Administrative Regulation 4:9