Abraham Flexner Master Educator Awards Program

To Apply:

Admission is by an application process. We invite faculty of all specialties and academic rank to apply.  The program includes interactive skills development workshops, “work in progress” sessions for collaboration and feedback, and peer mentorship.

Applications should include:

  • Brief statement describing your educational philosophy in the context of your teaching environment
  • Letter of support from your Department Chair or Division Chief delineating how program participation aligns with your career development and role within the department/division
  • Focused teaching portfolio containing: 1) current/past involvement in formal teaching activities (didactics, small group leader, course director, etc), 2) teaching evaluations (students and/or housestaff), and 3) history of prior faculty development activities locally or nationally (courses or workshops)

Applicants must commit to joining the community of the FlexnerMED program. This includes attendance and participation at group sessions—which will likely require time and energy in addition to your current role. However, we hope to deliver a vibrant community of support for faculty across our College ensuring that participants reap long-standing benefits from their investment.

THE DEADLINE FOR 2016 WAS AUGUST 11. Please check back later for future opportunities.

All applications must consist of the following:

  • Application Form
  • Summary letter documenting the award category areas for which you seek recognition
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Reflective Statement
  • Teaching Portfolio and evaluations (Evaluations are only needed if they are pertinent to the award category

Supporting documentation should be limited to 25 or less

Faculty members who would like to review a sample of a completed Abraham Flexner application for reference can access the following PDF files:


  • Full description(s) of contribution(s) made, including documentation/explanations not available on our teaching porfolio or CV.
  • An edited version of your faculty teaching portfolio containing sections relevant to the area(s) for which you are applying fo recognition and which are helpful to your application.
  • An edited version of your CV containing sections to the area(s) for which you are applying for recognition and which are helpful to your application.


Please consider your submission carefully. The contributions for which you wish to receive recognition must be substantial in nature. They should be thoroughly described and documented. If the category has a set number of requirements, ensure that each is adequately fulfilled. Note that all contributions must have been completed while employed at this institution by the College of Medicine, and that all contributions must have been finished by the time of submission.

If you have questions about any of the award requirements, please contact Dorcas Beatty, (Office: 859-257-5286).