Activate your MyUK Account and Email Setup

NOTE: If you already have a UK email account, your account has most likely been moved from the "AD" domain to the "MC" domain > please skip to Step 9

Step 1

In order to set up your UK Exchange email account, you will first need to go to the UK Account Manager at You will be prompted to login with a link blue User ID and password. This information can be found in the email you should have received from the registrar.

The default password is u$ and the last six digits of your UK ID and the word blue. (For example, if your UK ID is 12345678, your default password would be u$345678blue.)

Step 2

Once successfully logged into the UK Account Manager you will see an overview summarizing what the Account Manager setup will provide you with once completed ‐ a new link blue password, link blue password self‐reset questions, your official University email address, and your desired email service. Medical students must use Exchange for all UK email and must NOT forward their email accounts to alternate email addresses.  Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc. are NOT HIPAA compliant.  Additionally, a notification points out that you must complete the entire account manager setup and click the "Finish" button before you will be able to use your account. If at any time this process is interrupted or you quit before completing all the steps and clicking "Finish" all changes will be lost and you will have to start over again. Click "Next" to continue and begin the Account Manager Setup process. 

Step 3

Next, you will be prompted to create a new link blue password. This password will allow you to access all of the link blue portals ‐ i.e. myUK, wireless, You can view all of the requirements for a viable and secure password by clicking on "What are the rules for a link blue account's password." Your new password must be at least eight characters long, contain at least one number, one special character (i.e. !, $, #, @, or %), no names or words from the dictionary, and cannot contain three or more characters from the user's account name. 

Step 4

After successfully creating a new link blue password, the second step in the Account Manager Setup process is to create a set of Self‐Reset Questions. These questions will be used whenever you need to reset a forgotten password or if your password expires before you update it. Examples of good and bad security questions along with pointers on creating your own security questions can be viewed by clicking on "How do I make good Password Self‐Reset Questions." Additionally, the answers you provide for these security questions are not case sensitive

Step 5

The next step in the Account Manager Setup process is to determine what your official UK email address will be. An email address will be provided, but you have the option to alter the email address if you so choose. Once you are satisfied with your email address click "Next."  

NOTE: Once you have created your email address, DO NOT CHANGE IT.  If you do change it, any email sent to the previous email address will NOT go to your inbox

Step 6

After selecting your email address, the next page will give you the option to choose your email service. Your email service is Microsoft Office 365.  Do not select “Other mailbox.” 

For more information on setting up your Office 365 Email account,  go here.

Step 7

The following screen provides you with an overview of the entire Account Manager setup. At this point you have the option to make changes to any areas previously covered in the setup process. If you are satisfied with all of the account settings, simply click "Finish" and wait for the information to finish processing. Do not refresh the page during this time or you will have to being the entire Account Manager setup again

Step 8

After processing, you will receive this screen informing you of your account information once more. Now you have successfully completed the Account Manager Setup process and should have access to all your UK accounts and new email account through Office 365 Mail. 

Step 9

  • To prevent issues that have been known to occur with your University Email Address once your account moves domains,  you must click "change" next to "University Email Address" - you should then see your University Email Address populated in a textbox - You should not change it, but click "Submit Change" so that the University Email Address will continue to work properly within the MC domain.

Step 10

At this point  you have activated your Link Blue account and set Office 365 as your default delivery location for email.  You can now login to your Office 365 Account to verify.    

Step 11

Students who receive financial aid will receive all payments via direct deposit to a checking account.  Whether or not you will receive any financial aid, ALL students MUST enter and maintain direct deposit information in MyUK.  

Log into MyUK.  Go to MyInfo and then to Direct Deposit Info.  The graphic below shows where you will find the numbers you need to enter in this screen. 


Many thanks for taking the time to set up your email account and direct deposit data!!