Academic Resources

Any student who feels the need of extra help with a course is encouraged to speak with the appropriate Course Director to determine if there are departmental faculty or graduate students willing to tutor in the needed area of study.  The Student Affairs office may also intervene if students are in need of help in specific disciplines. Upper level medical students or graduate students volunteer to tutor students who experience difficulty in courses during the first two years of medical school.  The Student Services office of Student Affairs keeps a list of tutor volunteers. Students who are recommended for a tutor by the Course Director or Student Affairs will be given an opportunity to contact students willing to tutor specific subjects.  

Student Affairs Library
The Director of Student Services maintains a library of books that students may check out while they are taking a particular course or clerkship, reviewing for a course or clerkship exam, or studying for the USMLE exams.  There is a limit of two books at a time for each student and students may keep them for the length of the course or clerkship, up to four weeks.  USMLE Board review books may be checked out for a period of two weeks.

William T. Young Library
The William T. Young Library (WTY) is the main UK library and is located near the Medical Center. WTY Library has five floors with tables, carrels and small study rooms. Ovid’s Café is also located at WTY Library.   Medical periodicals prior to 1987 can be found on the third floor and medical books prior to 1987 are on the fifth floor.  Laptop computers are available to check out to use in the library and there is a large computer lab on the lower level of the library. WTY is open seven days per week.  Call 257-0500 for more information or visit the library homepage on the web:

Medical Center Library
The Medical Center Library is located on the first floor of the Medical Sciences wing of the Chandler Medical Center ( phone 323-5300). It is open Mon-Thur 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM, Fri. 8AM- 8PM, Sat. 10 AM – 6:00PM, and Sunday, Noon to 8:00 PM. (Hours are subject to change)  Check out resources at

An authorization strip can be placed on the back of the Medical Center ID badge that will permit the student to check out materials from the library.  Medical Center students can also participate in the subsidized student copy card program.  There are 15 public access computers on the first floor of the Medical Center Library.

Student Study Space in Medical Center
Many students who study at the Medical Center, in addition to use of the libraries, utilize small group rooms located in the Medical Science Building, the Kentucky Clinic, the Student Lounge (H-152, computer access 24/7), or space in the College of Medicine Learning Center (COMLC), situated at 800 S. Limestone (contains individual and group study rooms and computer access 24/7). The Student Lounge and all of COMLC have WiFi access. Most rooms can be reserved for a group of students who want to have a meeting or a specific place for group study. Call the room scheduling office at 257-2433 to reserve a room.

Preparation for the United States Medical Licensing Board Exams
Student Affairs processes students’ applications for the Step 1 and 2 USMLE after students access the NBME website and make an online application.   Information and individual assistance is provided to students as they prepare for boards. Board preparation sessions are made available through Student Affairs.  You may access information about the boards at

College of Medicine Computer Labs
The primary College of Medicine Computer Lab is located in the COMLC and is open 8:00 to 5:00 weekdays.  Please note that other classes are taught in the COMLC Computer Lab and access at those times is not available to medical students. Additional computers are available 24/7 in the lower level of  COMLC. Secondary computer access and copier/scanner is available in the main Med Student Lounge, H-152 in the Medical Science Building. The Computer Labs are staffed by academic computing professionals who assist medical students, graduate students, and faculty.  All entering students have computer technology training sessions during orientation to acquaint them with the courseware and services available and instruction on using the lab facilities, email, and Medline. Many College of Medicine courses and clerkships require projects and exams to be completed on the computer and an electronic “Blackboard” system is in place and used in most courses. E-mail communication is a mandatory mode of interaction between students and faculty/administrators, and the official email address is the only address used for student interaction with administration and faculty.

The student computer lab is a convenient and versatile site for all students' computing needs.  There are software packages that include word processing, spreadsheets, presentation tools, multimedia, current instructional software, telecommunication capability, access to a centralized server, and Internet access.

Medical Library Computer Lab
A 16-station computer lab is located at the back of the main floor of the Medical Library.  This lab is used for small classes and also for individual student use.  Check with the library front desk for information about use of this computer resource.