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For Rural Physician Leadership Program students, years three and four are primarily based at St. Claire Regional Medical Center and with physicians in the Northeast Kentucky Region serving as preceptors. The third year consists of block rotations in Psychiatry, Neurology, Surgery, Internal Medicine/Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, and Obstetrics/Gynecology. Throughout the third year, Family Medicine is taught using a longitudinal experience of weekly sessions in a family medicine clinic. Additionally, there is one month in the third year devoted to community health.  Students spend time with health professionals in community settings, such as dentistry, pharmacy, pain clinic, home health, and telemedicine.  Students also have opportunities to spend time with community leaders discussing community needs.

The fourth year consists of two acting internships at UK-approved locations. Students complete 16 weeks of elective rotations, which may be done in Morehead, Lexington, or elsewhere.

Additionally, Morehead State University College of Business and Public Affairs provides a certificate program which the RPLP students may participate.  The Certificate in Health Systems Leadership is offered during the third year of medical school and is taught in an executive teaching format.  The Certificate Program cover topics such as the use of information technology, financial issues and debt management, and community engagement for health policy.

More information regarding the University of Kentucky Medical Curriculum is available at http://meded.med.uky.edu/medical-education-curriculum

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Morehead is located in Eastern Kentucky, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. To learn more about the area, visit The Morehead Chamber of Commerce or the Morehead Visitors Center.