Student Organizations

Students in the UK College of Medicine have many opportunities to contribute to both our local medical community as well as the national and international medical communities. Please click the links below if you are interested in learning more or joining one of these groups.

College of Medicine Committees

National Organizations

Specialty Interest Groups


Class Officers

College of Medicine Committees

For concerns or suggestions for improving some aspect of the College of Medicine, please contact the student representatives for the relevant committee. If you would like to talk directly to the medical school administration, please email Chris Feddock, MD, MS, senior associate dean for Medical Student Education.    

Student Advisory Council

This committee is advisory to the Dean on the broad issues facing students in the MD program. Those issues include, but are not limited to the academic curriculum, student life and wellness, learning environment, educational facilities and strategic plan development. Members of this committee include the class presidents and student representatives for the national organizations.

M4 Class President: Sarah Kenney
M3 Class President: Lucas Shelton
M2 Class President: Timothy Berg
M1 Class President:  Hussain Siddiqi
MD-PhD program representative: Meghan Green
Medical Student Government Association Co-President: Fiyin Abraham, M4
Medical Student Government Association Co-President: Santhosh Velaga, M4
AMA Medical Student Section Co-President: Chenghao Qian, M3
AMA Medical Student Section Vice-President: Anita Shanker, M2
American Medical Student Association Co-President: Bethanny Glahn, M3
American Medical Student Association Co-President; Megan Stout, M3
Student National Medical Association President: Diamreyan Ochuko, M2
Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Honor Society President: Kristin Andres, M4
Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Honor Society Vice-President: Shawn Luo, M4                           
AAMC Organization of Student Representatives: Ren Ariizumi, M4
AAMC Organization of Student Representatives: Sarah Bugg, M3
AAMC Organization of Student Representatives: Trent Goodin, M2
Salvation Army Clinic Manager: Marc Kai, M2
Salvation Army Clinic Manager: Connor Appelman, M2
Resilient President: Ann Dickson, M4
Resilient Vice President: Jenny Tan, M4
Professional Code Committee: Ashley Boerrigter, M4 

Admissions Committee

This committee evaluates candidates for admission and final authority for accepting students to the College of Medicine MD degree program.

M4: Grant Avritt, Ashley Boerrigter and Claci Walls
M3: Theodore Huerta, Sibi Rajendran and Haley Wehder

Curriculum Committee

This committee develops, designs, implements, and manages all components of curriculum and assessment, ensuring that methods are appropriate for the achievement of the educational goals of the College of Medicine.  The Student Subcommittee reviews all of the courses and clerkships, advising on the continuous quality improvement process for the curriculum. 

M4: Christine Auberle, JT Midden and Taylor Shackleford
M3: Seema Rao and Doug Zoerner
M2: Lauren Crossman and MacKenzie Wyatt
M1:  Louis Rodgers and Andrew Wodrich

Professional Code Committee

This committee assesses the learning environment and advances the professional behavior of medical students.  They are responsible for regularly reviewing and updating the UK College of Medicine Professional Code, assisting in professionalism program development and reviewing instances of substandard professional behavior.

M4: Ashley Boerrigter, Rachel Linkous, Ash Mehra and Jenny Tan
M3: Zeeshan Akhtar, Nicki Frost and Haley Wehder
M2: Weston Dicken and Tenley McKee
M1: Elected in Spring 2018

Wellness in Training Committee

This committee is a joint faculty-resident-student committee charged with supporting the professional, emotional, physical, social and spiritual well-being of medical students and residents. They regularly review the well-being of the UK College of Medicine community, and make recommendations to the Dean on medical school and residency curricular issues that would enhance well-being and professional-personal balance.

M4: Jared Hopkins
M3: Emily Anggelis
M2: Michael Miller
M1: Elected in Spring 2018

Medical Student Government Association (MSGA)

The Medical Student Government Association is the governing entity for the medical student body. MSGA acts as a liaison between administration and students, offers guidance and financial assistance to those medical student groups who meet the membership requirements, and sponsors special events of the college such as Casino Night Charity Toast, Caduceus Ball, medical instrument sales and Lampoons.

Co-Presidents: Fiyin Abraham, M4, and Santhosh Velaga, M4
Co-Vice Presidents: Britney Howard, Patrick Michael and Megan Stout
Treasurer: Garrett Oberst
Secretary: Lauren Harris
M4: Julia Nagle, Ranjan Ragulojan and Jordan Redfield
M3: Elliott Campbell, Matt Eads and Sreeja Sanampudi
M2: Shweta Kamat and Sherif Saleh
M1:  Aqeel Jawahir and Mason Johnson

Resilient MD

This group creates programs and resources to make personal wellness a priority for all students. In order to provide compassionate, empathetic, and humanistic care to patients, medical students and doctors must take care of themselves first. The end goal is to be well, and do good.

President: Ann Dickson, M4
Vice President: Jenny Tan, M4
Outreach Chair: Kristen Burke, M4
Prevention Co-chairs: Liza Bustle, M3, and Jess Adkins, M2
Intervention Chair: Rachel Looff, M3

Salvation Army Clinic (UKSAC)

The UK Salvation Army Clinic is a free clinic run by medical students from the College of Medicine. The mission is to assume a leadership role in improving the health and well-being of the uninsured adult population in Lexington by providing free medical services and increasing awareness of local health care resources.

Clinic Managers: Marc Kai and Connor Appelman, M2
Financial Manager: Lewis Winder
Supplies and Lab Manager: Maria Alkhasova
Training Coordinators: Hannah Ruggles and Matt Silverman
Nutrition Clinic Officers: Hasanki Warnakula
Student Scheduler: Elise Garrett
Community Resource Manager: Sarah Keshtvarz
Triage Manager: Jacob Meece
Physician Liaison: Paran Davari
PR and Recruitment: Kandice Roberts
Pharmacy Coordinator: Sarah Boden
Women’s Health Officers: Anna Hansen and Erika Russ
Pediatric Coordinators: Taylor Moody and Ashley Wicker
Stop Smoking Support Group Officers: Jacob Hambrick and Mitchell Gigandet
KYNECT Officer: Molly Sullivan
Technology Officer: Michael Miller
Faculty Advisor: Brian Adkins, MD, assistant dean for Student Affairs, Department of Emergency Medicine

Medical Alumni Association

The mission of the University of Kentucky Medical Alumni Association is to foster an active, lifelong fellowship among alumni through mutual service and support with the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.

M4: Ashley Christian, Lily Rodgers and Claci Walls
M3: Elliott Campbell, Matt Eads and Sreeja Sanampudi
M2: Courtney Collins, Millicent Horn and Jordan Hyland
M1: Lan Jiang

Medicine Student Ambassador Program (UKCOM Student Ambassador Program)

The Medicine Student Ambassadors is a group dedicated to promoting the interests of medicine throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The group encourages prospective students and their families regarding health professions and medical educational opportunities, and advocates for educational opportunities in areas of Kentucky that are medically underserved.

President: Kandice Roberts, M2
Vice President: Paran Davari, M2
Secretary: Emily Stromberg, M3
Faculty Advisor: Carol Elam, EdD, associate dean for admissions and institutional advancement

Dean’s Student Committee on Admissions

The Dean's Student Committee on Admission helps lead medical campus tours throughout the year for interviewees, student organizations, the UK College of Medicine Alumni Association and other interested individuals.

Co-chairs: Caleb Fligor and Sharif Saleh

National Organizations

Involvement in the local sections of the national organizations provides an opportunity for students to explore a broad range of issues that affect the local and national practice of medicine. Further, student involvement in local organizations may lead to a national leadership position.

American Association of Medical Colleges Organization of Student Representatives (OSR)

Organization of Student Representatives supports medical students nationwide and provides an active role for students in advancing the AAMC mission to improve the nation’s health. Additionally, the OSR seeks to ensure that students actively participate in directing their education, preserving their rights, and delineating their professional responsibilities. To this end, the OSR gives medical students a voice in academic medicine at the national level and strives to foster student involvement and awareness in this arena at a local level.

M4: Ren Ariizumi               
M3: Sarah Bugg
M2: Trent Goodin

American Medical Association/Kentucky Medical Association Medical Student Section (MSS)

The Medical Student Section strives to be the medical students' leading voice for improving medical education and advocating for the future of medicine. Each section and their dedicated members serve as the basic units for community service activities, grassroots advocacy on issues important to medical students and physicians, medical student representation in the AMA policy-making process, and AMA membership recruitment and retention.

Co-Presidents: Chenghao Qian, M3, and Anita Shanker, M2 

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

American Medical Student Association is a student-governed, national organization committed to representing the concerns of physicians-in-training. AMSA is a vital force of future physicians who believe that patients and health professionals are partners in the management of health care and that access to high-quality health care is a right and not a privilege. Student idealism is transformed into meaningful public service, innovation and institutional change.

Co-Presidents: Bethanny Glahn, M3, and Megan Stout, M3

American Medical Women’s Association Advocates (AMWA)

American Medical Women’s Association Advocates is an organization that functions at the local, national and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women's health. The AMWA achieves this by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise, mentoring and strategic alliances.

Co-Presidents: Alex Feiertag, M3, and Megan Stout, M3 

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

Student National Medical Association is committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians. SNMA programs are designed to serve the health needs of underserved communities and communities of color.

President: Ochuko Diamreyan, M2


Specialty Interest Groups

Involvement in the specialty interest groups provides students with insight into the various fields of medicine.  Groups include:

Anesthesiology Interest Group      

President: Chase Johnson and Grant Avritt
Vice President:  Trey Stai and Anthony Spina
Secretary: Doug Dauer and Salman Jeelani
Treasurer: Jake Maus and Austin Smith
Physician Liaison: Ashvin Mehra and Sarah Kenney
Workshop Coordinator: Damon Wallace
Medical Student Government Association Representatives: Stella Achenjang and Humza Qureshi
Faculty Advisor: Dung Nguyen, MD

Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group (Cardio/CT Surgery) (CCIG)

Co-Presidents: Seema Rao and Sreeja Sanampudi
Vice president: Kristin Andres
Secretary: Paras Vora
Treasurer: Dwight Harris
Workshop and Collaboration Manager: Megan Stout
Outreach/Community Service: Courtney Collins
Social Media Rep: Sherif Saleh
MSGA Rep: Incoming M1 elected in spring 2018
Faculty Advisor: Sibu Saha, MD, MBA, FACS

Dermatology Interest Group

Presidents: Dylan Ryan and Maggie Wetzel
Vice President: Paran Davari
Treasurer: Elliott Campbell
MSGA Rep: Maria Alkhasova
Faculty Advisor: Stuart Tobin, MD

Doane Fischer Pediatric Interest Group

Co-Presidents: Ashley Christian and Claci Walls
Vice Presidents: Toria Fischer and Wesley Stephens
Workshop Chairs: Megan Freeman and Rachel Linkous
Community Service Chairs: Hilary Denney and Kaitlyn Senay
Treasurer: Griff Motes
Secretary: Hasanki Warnakula
MSGA Rep: Caleb Fligor
AdovCATS Representative: Millie Horn
Faculty Advisor: Donna Grigsby, MD

Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

Presidents: Ben Mogni and Tyler Scaff
Vice Presidents: Kayla King and Shirlly Zhou
Workshop Coordinators: Chris Harryman and Brad Blankenship
Secretary: Nathan Hansen
Treasurer/MSGA Reps: Lindsey Isner and Walker Ueland
New Member Coordinator: Sara Qutubuddin
IT/Social Media Coordinator: Cam Henry
USIG Liaison: Paul Yager
Fundraising/Social Chair: Kodie Stone
Community Service Chair: Justin Hayes
M1 Rep: Zach Hollins
M2 Rep: Elias Nassar
M3 Rep: Devon Gaines
M4 Rep: Cam Henry
Senior Advisor: David Mehr
Faculty Advisor: Terren Trott, MD

ENT (Otolaryngology Interest Group)

President: Diana Bigler
Vice President: Charlie Grigsby
Treasurer: Weston Dicken
Secretary: Allie Serey
Faculty Advisor: Joseph Valentino, MD, FACS

Ephraim McDowell OB/GYN Club

Co-Presidents: Nikki Frost and Hilary Denney
Co-Vice Presidents: Jesse Matherly and Fatima Yadudu
Co-Secretary: Liza Bustle and Britney Howard
MSGA: Shelly Zippay
Community Service Chair: Anna Hansen
Faculty Advisor: Karen Playforth, MD 

Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

President:  Anthony Burdo
Vice President:  Mary Kate Greenwood
Secretary:  Makayla Arnett Lewis
Treasurer:  Emily Stromberg
Community Service: Britney Howard
Upper-class Liaisons: Ashley Boerrigter and Claire Fletcher
Faculty Advisor: Ginny Gottschalk, MD 

Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)

Presidents: Michelle Punzal and Yan Chu
Vice President: Deborah Lu
Treasurer: Reza Haider
Secretary: Arayo Sokan
Faculty Advisor: Anne Sayers, MD 

Med-Peds Interest Group

President: Faiyad Mannan
Vice President: Spencer Kerr
Secretary: Zach Jost
Treasurer: Connor O’Neil
Faculty Advisor: Kelli Trent, MD 

Oncology Interest Group

Presidents: Mary Nakazawa and Shirlly Zhou
Vice President: Conor O’Neill
Physician coordinator: Millie Horn
Treasurer: Carlos Kuria
Secretary: Zach Jost
Service chair: Jon Hendrie
MSGA Rep: Seema Rao
Faculty Advisor: John D’Orazio, MD, PhD 

Ophthalmology Interest Group

Co-Presidents: Riley Bylund and Paras Vora
Vice President: Rooshil Patel
Treasurer: Tony Spina
Secretary: Baher Guirguis
MSGA Rep: Paran Davari
Volunteer Coordinator: Jessica Crawford
Workshop Coordinator: Weston Dicken and Dominic Prado
Faculty Advisor: Julia Stevens, MD 

Orthopedic Interest Group (Sawbones)

President: Charles Mechas
Vice President: Olivia Grothaus
Secretary: Brent Webb
MSGA: Lindsey Isner
Treasurer: Tanner Womble
Officer at Large: Max Shrout
Faculty Advisor: Carter Cassidy, MD 

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interest Group

President: Sandy Huang
Vice President: Jarred Jones
Secretary: Nick Symons
Treasurer: Emily Anggelis
MSGA Rep: Dillon Hickman
Faculty Advisor: Sara Salles, DO 

Psychiatry Student Interest Group (PsychSIG)

Co-President: Rachel Looff and Heston Arnold
Co-Vice President: Jenny Tan and Parastoo Azizi-Namini
MSGA Representative: Recruit new M1 member
Treasurer: Lewis Winder
Secretary: Faiza Hassan
Faculty Advisor: Lon Hays, MD MBA 

Radiology Interest Group

Diagnostic Co-President: Sreeja Sanampudi
IR Co-President: Chenghao Qian
Co-Vice President: Dillon Hickman and Baher Guirguis
Secretary: Erin Aubrey
Treasurer/MSGA: David Turner
Faculty Advisor: Andres Ayoob, MD, assistant dean for educational faculty development

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

President: Kaitlin Snyder
Vice President: Shweta Kamat
Treasurer: Zachary Winder
Secretary: Dylan Ryan
Faculty Advisor: Josh Chalkley, DO, MS 

Ward O. Griffen Surgical Society (WOGSS)

President: Teddy Huerta
Vice President: Diana Bigler
Secretary: Megan Single
Treasurer: Shawn Luo
MSGA Rep: Olivia Grothaus
Faculty Advisor: Cynthia Talley, MD 



Various local clubs provide opportunities for students to explore different interests within the broad field of medicine. 

Business in Medicine

President: Reza Haider
Vice President: Arayo Sokan
Treasurer: William Witt
Secretary: Elise Garrett
MSGA Representative: Zack Hollins
Faculty Advisor: T. Shawn Caudill, MD, MSPH, FACP

Catholic Medical Association

Co-Presidents: Elaine Bilbily and Jessica Gambrel
Vice President: Kara Jolly
Secretary: Greeshma Allareddy
Communications Officer: Nneka Amadife
Faculty Advisor: Mary Sheppard, MD                 


Presidents: Michelle Punzal and Faiyad Mannan
Vice President: Faiza Hassan
Secretary/MSGA Representative: Walker Ueland
Faculty Advisor: Stephanie Rose, MD, MPH

Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA)

The group meets every month to enable health care professionals to encourage one another in their working together as Christian health care professionals. They conduct Bible studies, hold social gatherings and invite speakers to their monthly meetings.

Leon Su
Gray Magee
Abby Bray
Nathan Hansen
Megan Bosley
Griff Motes
Faculty advisor: Dr. David Randall 

Global Health Alliance (previously IFMSA)

The Global Health Alliance is dedicated to helping medical students develop a culturally sensitive approach to the care of patients. The UK chapter organizes lectures and programs addressing international health care issues and works to encourage and enable student exchanges abroad. The group sponsors an annual Art Auction to benefit a health clinic in Ecuador, affiliated with the Shoulder to Shoulder foundation.

President: Leila Mende
Co-Vice Presidents: Ashley Mullins and Hannah Gravitt
Secretary: Kelli Reese
Treasurer: Holly Pan
Community Service Chair: Stella Achenjang
Art auction chairs: Graham Klink and Alison Murphy
Medicine Representative: Mary Kate Greenwood
Faculty Advisor: Sam Matheny, MD, MPH 

Medical Spanish Interest Group (CONMIGO)

CONMIGO promotes service and interaction with Hispanic communities both in Lexington and worldwide. The group’s interests are split between organizing and volunteering in community outreach projects, and organizing events and opportunities for members to be exposed to both the language and culture of this community. In addition to regular meetings, small conversation groups of all levels meet two to four times a month for lunch and to practice speaking Spanish.

Stella Achenjang
Molly Sullivan
Monieka Fortner
Samantha Yaeger
Kandice Roberts
Anita Shanker
Faculty Advisor: Maria Castro

Medicine and Exercise

Co- Presidents: Emily Anggelis and Elliott Campbell
Co- Vice presidents: Garret Oberst and Max Shrout
Treasurer: Patrick Michael
Co- Health promotion Chairs: Megan Stout and Sreeja Sanampudi
MSGA Representative: Elizabeth Behrens
Officer at Large: Zeeshan Akhtar and Alex Hines
Interprofessional chair: Matt Thomas (PhD student in the Exercise physiology program)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jody Clasey 

Medical Students for Choice

The group strives to increase education, awareness, and open discussion regarding issues of reproductive health and to promote advocacy for those issues.

Co-Presidents: Kim Shain and Rachel Looff
Faculty Advisor: Mark Hoffman, MD 

Military Medicine

Co-Presidents: Tyler Scaff and Ryan Haas
Vice President: Breanne Vergonet
Secretary: Jordan Hess
Treasurer: Chase Johnson
VA Representative: Ren Ariizumi
Army Representative: Jacob Hambrick
Navy Representative: Kaitlin Snyder
Air Force Representative: Libby Willis
Faculty Advisor: Timothy Mullett, MD, FACS

Ultrasound Interest Group (USIG)

Presidents: Sarah Bugg and Sarah Price Wright
Senior Advisor: Melissa Murray

Vice Presidents:
- Of Mentoring: Lindsey Westerfield and David Mehr
- Of Distinction: Dylan Woolum
- Of Oversight: Nicki Frost
- Of Workshop Mentoring: Michael Schultz

Workshop Chairs: Paul Yager and Damon Wallace
Treasurers: Jennifer Castle and Jon Hendrie
Ultrafest Chairs: Jesse Matherly and Josiah Burrows
Social Media Chair:  Available Position
Secretary: Kayla King
MSGA Representatives: Walker Ueland and Chris Harryman
Logistics Chairs: Elizabeth Onyechi and Anthony Burro
M2 Representatives: Brooke Duke
M3 Representatives: Tyler Scaff
M4 Representatives: Alex Bell
Mentors: Carlos Kuria, Ashley Wicker, Sara Keshtvarz, Tanner Womble, Devon Gaines, Sarah Qutubuddin, Shawn Luo and Marc Kai
Faculty Advisor: Matt Dawson, MD

Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WMIG)

Members share a common interest in wilderness medicine, and have the mission to encourage and support programs that improve the knowledge of the membership in matters related to human activities in wilderness environments, and to promote appreciation and stewardship in those areas.

President: David Mehr
Vice President:  Christopher Harryman
Communications Chair: Allison Serey
Social Chair: Sreeja Sanampudi
Workshop Coordinator: Kara Jolly
Trip Coordinator: Mary Kate Greenwood
MSGA Representative: Walker Ueland
Treasurer: Elaine Bilbily
M4 Liaison: Clair Fletcher
M2 Liaison: Kaitlin Snynder
Faculty Advisor: Rebecca Bowers, MD


Class Officers


Class of 2018 (M4)

President: Sarah Kenney
Vice President:  Michael Romanelli
Treasurer:  Skylar Trott
Secretary: Elizabeth Harvey
Social Chairs: Doug Dauer and Megan Riley
Alumni Board Representatives: Ashley Christian, Lily Rodgers and Claci Walls
Community Service Chairs: Alex Wade and Mary Kate Greenwood
Intramural Chairs: Josh Bell and Urian Kim
MSGA Representatives: Julia Nagle, Ranjan Ragulojan and Jordan Redfield
Curriculum Committee Representatives: Christine Auberle, JT Midden and Taylor Shackleford
Organization of Student Representatives: Ren Ariizumi    
PCC Representatives: Ashley Boerrigter, Rachel Linkous, Ash Mehra and Jenny Tan
Admissions Committee Representatives: Grant Avritt, Ashley Boerrigter and Claci Walls
Wellness Representative: Jared Hopkins 

Class of 2019 (M3)

President: Lucas Shelton
Vice President: Diana Bigler
Secretary: Wesley Stephens
Treasurer: Ben Mogni
Community Service Chairs: Akin Erol and Rooshil Patel
MSGA Representatives: Elliott Campbell, Matt Eads and Sreeja Sanampudi
Alumni Board Representatives: Allie Serey and Sarah Price Wright
Social Chairs: Andreu Edge and Kodie Stone
Intramural Chairs: Mark Rudy and Evan Stearns
Curriculum Committee Representatives: Seema Rao and Doug Zoerner
Organization of Student Representatives: Sarah Bugg
PCC Representatives: Zeeshan Akhtar, Nicki Frost and Haley Wehder
Admissions Committee Representatives: Theodore Huerta, Sibi Rajendran and Haley Wehder
Wellness Representative:  Emily Anggelis 

Class of 2020 (M2)

President: Timothy Berg
Vice President: Bushra Manzar
Secretary: Ramya Kondaveeti
Treasurer: Reza Haider    
Community Service Chairs: Jessica Adkins and Luke Pecha               
MSGA Representatives: Shweta Kamat, Whitney Powell and Sherif Saleh
Alumni Board Representatives: Courtney Collins, Millicent Horn and Jordan Hyland
Social Chairs: Courtney Hamilton and Zach Jost
Intramural Chairs: Kayla King and Nick Per
Curriculum Committee Representatives: Lauren Crossman and MacKenzie Wyatt
Organization of Student Representatives: Trent Goodin
PCC Representatives: Weston Dicken and Tenley McKee
Wellness Representative: Michael Miller                                                     

Class of 2021(M1)

President: Hussain Siddiqi
Vice President: Benjamin Doty
Secretary: Meghan Bowers
Treasurer: Abhisek Patel
Community Service Chair: Carter Baughman and Tori Buckley
MSGA Secretary: Lauren Harris
MSGA Representative: Aqeel Jawahir and Mason Johnson
Alumni Board Representative: Lan Jiang
Social Chair: Kaitlin Snapp and Cameron Wade
Intramural Chair: Justin Magnuson and Tony Schwab
Curriculum Committee Representatives: Louis Rodgers and Andrew Wodrich
Organization of Student Representatives: Elected in Spring 2018
PCC Representatives: Elected in Spring 2018
Wellness Representative: Elected in Spring 2018