Spring Electives for First-Year and Second-Year Medical Students

What are these courses?
Electives are offered to provide students an opportunity to pursue individual interests. Electives are not a part of your required curriculum and, thus, enrollment is optional. All electives are pass/fail.

Each student can enroll for a maximum of three elective credits each semester.  A student may request permission to take additional electives by sending an email to med.registrar@uky.edu, asking the Student Progress and Promotions Committee (SPPC) for permission for an additional course or two.  Please send only one request email.  SPPC will take into account a number of factors when deciding about the requests, including academic performance, extracurricular commitments, etc.  The purpose of this is to ensure that each student has appropriate time and energy for required coursework and preparation for USMLE Step 1.

Spring 2019 Elective Courses
The list of spring elective course descriptions can be found in the OASIS course catalog at https://uky.oasisscheduling.com/public/courses/select_student_level.html. Click on "2018-2019," for either M1 or M2 (both go to the same place), then "M1 M2 Electives," then "Search." 

How to Register an Elective

The deadline for registering for an elective is Friday, December 14.

    1. If you want to take a course that requires permission, please request permission as instructed in the course description (link below.)  You will not be able to enroll in a permission-required course in any other way.  Courses that require permission — see the Electives webpage linked below for the list — each handle their own enrollment.

    2. You will receive an email from OASIS informing you of your login time for elective registration.  The system cannot allow everyone at once, so login times will be randomly assigned for fairness.  You may login to register at or after your scheduled time.

    3. You will have until noon on Friday, December 14, to enroll in a course in OASIS.

    4. Students who require permission for a course may be enrolled after the deadline.

    5. You may drop an elective at any time with no consequences provided you inform the course director and registrar.

When will Spring electives be offered? 
Spring electives will be offered from week of January 7 through the week of April 26. Some courses arrange schedules with students individually. Some elective schedules may conflict with your ICM schedule or other activities of your core curriculum. Do not try to get changes made to the schedules of your core courses.

M2 students may enroll in electives only if they commit to being in Lexington through the end of the course.  There are a few courses with schedules appropriate for students who will be leaving in March, as described in the course descriptions.