June 2016 
15Award letters e-mailed to all classes
July 2016 
6Third-year and Fourth-year begin rotations
27Class of 2019 orientation begins
August 2016 
3First-year students begin clases
10Second-year students begin classes
22Tuition is due and payable at myUK 
September 2016 
October 2016 
November 2016 
December 2016 
 19Winter break begins (First Year, Second Year)
January 2017 
1File FAFSA - http://www.fafsa.ed.gov
3All students return to class
7January Admissions Reception
22Tuition is due and payable at myUK
February 2017 
March 2017 
1-31Complete Institutional Application for 2017-2018
1FAFSA and Institutional Application due (All Classes)
May 2017 
5Second-year end of academic year
12Fourth-year end of academic year
13Medical School Graduation
26First-year end of academic year
 June 2017 
16Third-year end of academic year