Professional Education Preparation Program (PEPP)-MD/DMD

MD June 16-28, 2019
DMD June 23-28, 2019


The University of Kentucky Professional Education Preparation Program (PEPP)-MD/DMD is an academic enrichment program for rising college Sophomores who are interested in becoming physicians and dentists to serve the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  The applicant must possess a strong interest in medicine or dentistry.  The program is tailored to provide an opportunity to gain more intense and focused exposure to the professions. This program affords young scholars the chance to observe, network, and volunteer within the healthcare setting while gaining further understanding of the profession and strengthening one’s knowledge about requirements for future admission to medical and dental school.


Applicants must be Kentucky residents and rising Sophomores in college by the beginning of the program.  A clear interest in medical or dental school is required.  There is no cost to the applicant to apply or participate for PEPP-MD.  There is a nominal fee for participation in the PEPP-DMD program. 


The selection committee will carefully review the written personal statement, letter of recommendation, application, and transcripts when determining the selection of participants.  There will be 15-20 applicants selected for each program.  Applicants will be notified by email.  A limited number of alternates will also be selected. 

Participants must abide by all rules of the program.  There is a mandatory attendance policy for all activities for the duration of the program.  All students are required to live in the dormitory.  Students cannot be employed during the program.  They must reside on campus at all times unless escorted by the PEPP staff.

Download the PEPP-MD application
Find more information about the PEPP-DMD program here

Your COMPLETED PEPP-MD/DMD application must be received by April 30, 2019 and contain the following:

  1. Personal statement (limited to one page)
  2. Sealed letter of recommendation from a professor
  3. Official undergraduate transcript
  4. UK PEPP-MD/DMD application
  5. A photograph of yourself (standard passport size)

Please mail to:
Carlos Marin
138 Leader Ave., Room 144
Lexington, Ky 40506-9983

For additional information and updates please contact:
Carlos Marin