Kentucky Integrated Curriculum: Nationally recognized, locally executed

The UK College of Medicine provides innovative, high-quality education through its highly innovative program – the Kentucky Integrated Curriculum.

The curriculum emphasizes evidence-based medicine along with early clinical experiences, integration of the basic and clinical sciences, and innovative teaching and learning methods such as small-group, standardized patients, and interactive lectures and laboratory exercises.

By embracing a transdisciplinary approach, the curriculum at the college features a deep integration of the foundational and clinical sciences across all four years. As a result, courses such as the expansive Introduction to Clinical Medicine are taught by both a basic scientist and a clinician to include skill development in patient interviewing, physical examination, and insight into causes of health disparities, sociocultural, and behavioral aspects of health care.

The curriculum emphasizes active learning and classroom engagement that will be replicated across the regional campuses. To maintain the integrity of the training at the UK College of Medicine-Northern Kentucky Campus, the vast majority of instruction will occur on-site, delivered by faculty with appointments in the UK College of Medicine. Additionally, lectures will be live-streamed from Lexington for onsite student participation.

To learn more about the curriculum and the experience during each year, visit our curriculum section of the website.