Application Process

2018 UK College of Medicine Application Process

To educate more physicians for the Commonwealth, the UK College of Medicine has launched a regional campus in Bowling Green, Kentucky as well as expanded the Rural Physician Leadership Program in Morehead. Because of this the application process has changed slightly to accommodate the additional options. Please read below regarding the instructions related to the selection of a campus location to attend. 

Application for Admission to the University of Kentucky College of Medicine
Students applying to the University of Kentucky College of Medicine must first apply to our medical school using the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) available at The AMCAS enables applicants from very diverse locations to simplify the application process by creating a unified way to apply to many medical schools with one single electronic application. This will be your first formal step into the applicant pool. 

AMCAS applications are available in May and can be submitted on June 1. It is suggested to complete the AMCAS application early in the cycle. Students applying to the Lexington and Bowling Green campuses will designate “Regular M.D.” on their AMCAS application. Students applying to the Rural Physician Leadership Program at the Morehead campus will designate “Other Special Programs” on their AMCAS application. Applicants may apply Early Decision to the Bowling Green, Lexington, or Morehead programs.

Secondary Application
Upon review of the initial application and documentation of qualifications, students will receive a secondary application. Our Secondary Application is a supplement to the AMCAS application. We offer this application to all Kentucky residents and selected non-Kentucky residents. On that electronic application, students applying the UK College of Medicine and its two regional campuses will have an opportunity to click on links to read about each program: University of Kentucky College of Medicine-Lexington Campus; University of Kentucky College of Medicine-Bowling Green Campus; and University of Kentucky College of Medicine-RPLP Morehead.

After reading the information provided, applicants will be asked to rank their preferred choice program to attend (1 most preferred — 3 least preferred). Applicants will also be asked to explain in a brief essay why they designated their first choice as their preferred UK College of Medicine location to attend.

There is a $50 fee that accompanies the Secondary Application. This can be paid with Visa or MasterCard credit cards. Please be aware that spam filters on your e-mail account may interfere with the notification, thus check your junk mail for this correspondence. If you have been offered the Secondary Application and are having trouble logging in to complete the online form, remember that the login information must exactly match the information as you entered it into the AMCAS application. If you need additional help, please contact the Admissions Office at (859) 323-6161.

Screening and Invitation to Review
UK College of Medicine Admissions Office staff will screen the completed files of all candidates for admission. Students meeting the screening criteria for interview will be invited to interview at the site of the medical school they prefer to attend. (Regular M.D. program in Lexington or Bowling Green; Rural Physician Leadership Program in Morehead). 

Interview and Selection
An interview advisory committee at each regional campus will meet to discuss each interviewed applicant, and recommend if that student be accepted, held for comparison, or rejected. Final votes regarding selection decisions for all interviewed candidates will be made by the Admissions Committee in Lexington. Offers of admission are binding to the site where the applicant interviewed.

Selection Decisions

Students selected for an interview will receive an admission decision soon after their interview. If offered admission, an acceptance agreement form, binding the student to the site where he or she interviewed, must be signed and returned to the UK College of Medicine Admissions Office within two weeks of receipt of the acceptance decision letter.

NOTE: Since interviews and admissions are offered on a rolling basis based on the date of completion of your file, it is very important to complete your file as early as possible, ideally no later than early September.