Spring Electives for First-Year and Second-Year Medical Students

What are these courses?
Electives are offered to provide students an opportunity to pursue individual interests. Electives are not a part of your required curriculum and, thus, enrollment is optional. All electives are pass/fail. A student may enroll for up to three electives, however electives must not interfere with required academic work, so please choose cautiously.

Spring 2017 Elective Courses
The list of spring elective course descriptions can be found in the OASIS course catalog at https://uky.oasisscheduling.com/public/courses/select_student_level.html. Click on "M1/M2 2016-2017", then "M1 M2 Electives", then "Search."

How to Register an Elective

The deadline for registering for an elective is Friday, December 16.

  1. There will be a lottery on Wednesday, December 7, for each student to enroll in up to one elective that does not require permission. 
  2. After the lottery, you will receive an email with a login time for adding electives to your schedule.  You may log into OASIS between that time and noon on Friday, December 7. To add an elective that does NOT require course director permission:
    1. Log into OASIS (https://uky.oasisscheduling.com/index.html), click on Add Course, and choose “M1M2 electives.”
    2. When the elective list pulls up choose which elective you would like and click the “Add” button on the right side.
  3. For an elective that requires course director permission, follow the instructions in the course description for requesting permission.
  4. If you obtain approval for an elective but then decide not to take the course, you need drop the course and inform the course director or course contact immediately so that another student may have that space.
  5. You may drop an elective at any time with no consequences provided you inform the course director and registrar.

When will Spring electives be offered? 
Spring electives will be offered from week of January 9 through the week of April 24. Some courses arrange schedules with students individually. Some elective schedules may conflict with your ICM schedule or other activities of your core curriculum. Do not try to get changes made to the schedules of your core courses.

Independent study options:
A student may arrange her or his own elective with any full-time faculty member in the College of Medicine through an independent study format. Please email the registrars a brief description of the course, including the number of credits (1-3), and have your faculty member email us approval for you to take the elective.

Main campus course options:
Students may take other University courses as electives, provided that schedules do not conflict with medical school courses, there is space available, and the course director is willing to post a pass/fail grade. (Distance Learning courses are not included.) Turn in an Elective Registration Form for Campus Course (PDF) that includes the course title, course and section numbers, and instructor name. This form requires the signature of the course instructor agreeing to award a Pass or Fail grade. An email from that person will be accepted in lieu of the actual signature.

The electives available for spring semester are:
Behav Med & Chronic Pain Mgt
Elective in Behavioral Science (requires permission)
Frontiers in Integrative and Alternative Medicine
The Stories We Tell Each Other: Engaging Emotional Perspectives Through Art
Elective in Emergency Medicine
Bedside Ultrasound (Emergency Medicine)
Introduction to Global Health
Review of Medical Spanish
Interprofessional Teamwork in Global Health (Shoulder-to-Shoulder, Ecuador) (requires permission)
Introduction to Social Medicine and Health Disparities
Healer’s Art (requires permission)
Intensive Medical Spanish and Tropical Medicine
Research in Family & Community Medicine (requires permission)
Introduction to Clinical Research
Geriatric Elective
Leadership in Rural and Underserved Health
History of Microbiology
Ovarian Cancer Research
Forensic Pathology
The Clinical Use of Narrative
Cardiovascular Imaging Research (requires permission)
Fundamentals of Abdominal Radiology (requires permission)
Introduction to Emergency Radiology
Vascular and Interventional Radiology Elective
Neuroradiology Elective (requires permission)
Introduction to Breast Imaging
Radiology Ultrasound (RADiUS) (requires permission)
Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Elective (requires permission)
Head & Neck Oncology
Research in Surgery (requires permission)
Elective in Orthopaedic Surgery (requires permission)
Multidisciplinary Value Program (MVP) Research Elective in Orthopaedics (requires permission)