Student Responsibilities

Immunization Requirements
The College of Medicine requires that all entering students document prior immunity to measles, mumps, rubella, and tetanus either by serological evidence, previous physician-diagnosed disease or a validated immunization record. History of chicken pox will be solicited and titers drawn if there is no known history. The University Health Service (UHS) will determine whether immunization documentation is adequate. Students may be excused from these requirements if contraindications are established by the Health Service physician. Entering students will undergo tuberculin skin testing during orientation week and annual TB skin testing will be required throughout a student's enrollment. Alternately, students may bring documentation of TB skin testing from their physician to the UHS, as long as it was completed after May 1 st of the current year.

Hepatitis B vaccine will be required of all students. Such immunization is safe, highly effective and deemed necessary for medical students. Hepatitis B vaccine is a series of three shots that must be completed by the beginning of the second year. The second shot must be administered one month after the first and the third must be received no later than six months after the first. Students can obtain this vaccination prior to enrollment or arrangements will be made to begin or continue the series during the fall semester of the first year. Students who receive Hepatitis B vaccine from the UHS will be charged approximately $75 for the three doses of vaccine ($25/dose).

Infection Control 
All students are furnished with a laminated card on Blood-Borne Pathogen-Occupational Exposure Protocol to enable them to know immediately what to do should they come in contact with another person's blood or body fluid. Medical students who suffer an exposure should seek immediate assistance from University Health Service, and contact the Deans for Student Affairs in a timely fashion. Students receive training on Standard Precautions and their role in infection control at orientation. Students who contract an infectious disease should contact Student Affairs and they may be limited in their patient contact.

Health/Hospitalization Insurance 
Hospitalization, accident care, and major medical services are not covered by the health fee. The College of MedicineEXPECTS every student to carry health insurance to cover expenses related to hospitalization, accident care and surgical services.

The University of Kentucky makes available an insurance plan at a student-age group rate. The insurance plan is for students who are no longer covered by their parents' (in most instances, at the age of 23), married students, married students with dependents, and single students with dependent children to the age of 19. Those students who have an individual policy may transfer to the student group, usually with considerable savings. The policy provides year-round coverage and payments can be made semi-annually or quarterly. The plan offers two benefit options: Choose any doctor or facility and pay a deductible and a co-payment or choose to use the UK Hospital and the UK College of Medicine physicians as preferred providers and receive a higher benefit. The plan covers inpatient, outpatient, accident/injury and surgery. An insurance information and application packet is given to each medical student at orientation every year.

Students who have questions about the student health insurance program offered by the University of Kentucky should contact the University Health Service, Room B163, Kentucky Clinic. The phone number is 859-323-5823 ext. 230.

Disability Insurance 
The growing consciousness of occupational risks in medicine has prompted medical schools to make available disability insurance to medical students. In order to provide a group rate, the College has contracted a policy from the Health Sciences Assurance Consulting Group/Guardian Insurance Company. Students are required to have a disability policy and the group policy premium is included in the mandatory fees paid with tuition. Information regarding the Guardian plan will be distributed to all registered students during orientation, and additional information will be provided later in the year.


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