Communication & Identification

College of Medicine Student Directory
Early in the fall, a website is updated to include all students with names, photos, and email address.   The directory is posted on the Student Affairs website and is password protected.  The link to the site is on each of the class resource pages.  Students should inform the Student Affairs Office of all changes in their names, addresses, , and telephone numbers and be responsible for entering changes on their MyUK account.

All students are assigned an e-mail address during first year orientation. E-mail will be the primary mode of communication for student information.  Faculty and administration expect students to use e-mail to reduce the number of memos issued on paper.  The Office of Medical Education also sends information regularly to students though e-mail. List serves are established for each class to facilitate quick communication.  It is important for students to check e-mail daily.  If an account is not used within a 30 day time period it will be closed.  It is to your benefit that you use it daily. College of Medicine administrators read and monitor all list serves.  You are asked to be professional in all e-mail correspondence.  Please note the following message regarding use of UK College of Medicine E-mail:

Email is a resource provided to you by the University subject to certain rules and regulations.  University Administrative Regulations require that you “exercise common sense and decency, including due respect for the rights of others in public areas” when you use email.  Further, you may not use email to violate any state or federal laws or the Governing Regulations of the University. State and federal laws and the University Governing Regulations prohibit the University and each of its members, including you, from discriminating “on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, or age … uniform service, veteran status, or physical or mental disability.”

Using email to transmit jokes, cartoons, stories or epithets targeting someone based on any of these characteristics can create a hostile work environment and constitute prohibited discrimination.  It may also subject you to personal legal liability for which the University would not represent you.  The Dean expects that you will use email appropriately and not use it to transmit such jokes, cartoons, stories or epithets.  Your access and use of email is conditioned on appropriate use.  Among other things, access and use of email can and will be denied to anyone who uses it inappropriately.

The Professional Code Committee wishes to remind all students that, in addition to protocol

outlined above, emails sent over the University listserv are considered official documents, as they are technically property of the University of Kentucky. As such, students must refrain from sending email through the University listserv for the purposes of political discussions, religious discussions and personal banter.  

Each M1-M4 student is assigned a locker in the Student Lounge, H-152.

Locker assignments for first year students will be distributed in the Orientation packets. Students must supply their own combination lock.    If, for any reason, a lock needs to be cut off the locker, the student should contact Student Affairs,  MN-104, 323-5261 or email for assistance.

Medical Center and University Identification Cards:
The Medical Center I.D. BADGE is received during the first year orientation week.  Hospital Security requires that each student wear the badge at all times while in the Medical Center.

Due to increased security measures, many areas of the Medical Center will be accessible ONLY with your badge. The badges are obtained through the Hospital Security office, at the direction of the Student Affairs office. Students must take an application form obtained from Student Affairs, COM 118, to the Hospital Security office to obtain a badge or replacement.  Fees are charged for replacement of lost badges and badges must be turned in to the Security Office when you graduate or leave COM for any reason.

University ID Card (Wildcard)
During first year orientation all students obtain a University identification card (WildCard) that admits them to the Johnson Center, university functions, and allows them to place money on the card for photo-copying and other campus expenses.  The same ID card may be used until graduation.  Obtain ID cards at the security office when you get your I.D Badge.  The fee for the Wildcard is $15 and can be paid by card, check, or cash.

 Name Changes -  If, at any time, your official registered name will change (marital status, etc.) you must contact the College of Medicine Registrar in the Student Affairs Office immediately so that records may be updated.

The Student Affairs office accepts emergency calls for students during weekday office hours