MD/MBA Program

The University of Kentucky Gatton College of Business and Economics offers a dual degree program with the College of Medicine. The combined degree will provide well-trained physicians with additional skills and knowledge in public health policies and procedures, enabling them to provide service to individuals within the context of a healthy community and its unique population characteristics.

Students must apply formally and independently to each program and meet the admission requirements of each. The GRE or GMAT exam may be waived by the MBA Admission Committee if the applicant is currently pursuing the MD degree and is in good standing. Applicants should indicate interest in the dual degree program via the AMCAS application by designating an application type of Combined Medical Degree/Graduate.

The University of Kentucky’s MD/MBA combined degree program provides graduates with the business acumen to navigate the complicated healthcare atmosphere. Most students complete the MD and MBA programs in five years, taking the core MBA courses over one year after second or third year of medical school. Students complete the MBA capstone project during the Advanced Development (final) phase of the UK College of Medicine curriculum.

For additional information regarding the MD/MBA program, please contact the Office of Medical Education at 859-323-5261. More information can also be found on the Gatton College of Business MBA website