MD/PhD Program

For more than a decade, the UK College of Medicine MD/PhD Program has trained men and women for careers as independent physician scientists and leaders in academic medicine, industry, and government. Our students are distinguished by talent, creativity and commitment to becoming the very best physician-scientists. For this reason, our students hail from across the United States and around the world, presenting us with a mosaic of intellectual and social diversity.

Students choose the UK College of Medicine MD/PhD Program to pursue a combined degree because we work hard at providing our students with a nurturing and supportive environment, responding to the students' needs as they progress through this challenging program. In addition, our students can choose from a wide array of outstanding research opportunities available in the six basic science departments and two graduate centers. Finally, we continue to adapt the program to the special requirements of our students. We also encourage the active participation of our students in developing our unique program.

Our program integrates the medical and graduate curricula. Students typically complete the first two years of medical school and then begin their graduate studies. Once they have earned their doctorate, students complete their final two years of the medical school curriculum. Most students complete the combined degree in seven years.

For more information, please visit the MD/PhD site.