Wellness Philosophy

The UK College of Medicine is committed providing wellness services and resources to all learners. We believe successful students become successful physicians. The College strongly urges all students to take care of themselves academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Students take care of academics by studying daily and efficiently, asking for help when necessary, meeting with the course instructors, and studying in groups or with a study partner.

Emotional wellness can be maintained by being organized, managing time well, keeping in touch with family and friends, developing relationships with other medical students and faculty who have learned how to cope in medical school, and making time for what nourishes you spiritually. Physical wellness is achieved by following proper eating and sleeping habits, actively participating in some form of regular exercise, and taking care of those other areas of life that are important.  Students may participate in intramural sports with classmates, visit campus facilities such as the Johnson Center, and others to improve and maintain physical fitness.

While it is recognized that time will be limited, medical students are encouraged to continue their personal interests, hobbies and relationships while they are in medical school. The Office of Medical Education and other UK resources are available to make the time spent in medical school a rewarding experience.