Medical Education Student Resources

The Division of Student Affairs in the Office of Medical Education handles financial aid and scholarships, student records, issues related to student progress and promotions and educational services for all medical students. Student Affairs also processes applications to the Fourth-Year Visiting Student Program.

Todd Cheever, M.D.,
Associate Dean for Bowling Green Campus, and, Brian Adkins, M.D., Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, oversee all activities and provide academic, career and personal counseling for medical students. They also coordinate the National Residency Matching Program for senior medical students.

Beth Hartmann, registrar, and Brendan McCarthy, associate registrar, oversee course registration for medical students, record grades, bill for tuition and fees, maintain all files on enrolled students and alumni and verify enrollment and coordinate transcript generation.

Julie McDaniel, director of Financial Aid, and Brendan McCarthy, associate director of Financial Aid, counsel students on their financial needs while in medical school and process all loan applications and scholarship awards. 

Ashlee-Nicole Crump, director of Student Services, assists medical students with academic support services, career planning, student government, student organizations, special events including orientation and graduation and community service and other extracurricular activities.

Renee Seidel is the fourth year Visiting Medical Student Coordinator who also assists with student travel and special events including orientation and graduation.

Mary Porter oversees multiple Communications functions for the Office of Medical Education, coordinates the BA/MS/MD Program, provides advisory support to students regarding service learning opportunities, and assists with special events.