Short White Coat Stories

Resilient is very excited to announce the launch of a quarterly zine “Short White Coat Stories: Medical student reflections through art and narrative.” 

Medical school is difficult; burnout happens. Increasing awareness of this and a growing emphasis on physician and student wellness have shown that self-reflection and narrative medicine (in its many different forms) can help health care professionals process and proactively cope with the stress, physical/emotional exhaustion, and ever-increasing demands of a career in medicine. As part of its mission, Resilient hopes to foster a culture of wellness at UKCOM. "Short White Coat Stories” will be a zine comprised of student reflections and a creative outlet for us to share our experiences as a learning community. We want to hear your narratives, in whatever form that takes: essays, fiction, poetry, art, photography, etc.

*Submissions will be received through the following Google from. 
The submission deadline for our inaugural issue is Sunday, October 22, 2017

 *We’d love to give everyone credit for all the brilliant, insightful, hilarious, or heartbreaking submissions you’re sure to share, so feel free to include your name and class year when you submit. But if you’re feeling shy, those blanks are optional and anonymous submissions are more than welcome.