Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

All students must complete a minimum of eight fourth‑year, four‑week courses including Transition to Residency for a total of 32 weeks.

Your eight fourth-year rotations must include rotations that fill the following five requirements: 

1. Primary Acting Internship to be chosen from the following offerings:

FM 850Acting Internship: Family Medicine in Morehead
FM 901 Family Medicine Primary Acting Internship in Morehead
MED 870AI in Medicine 
MED 901 Acting Internship: Community Internal Medicine in Morehead
MED/PED 872AI in Medicine/Pediatrics
NEU 850AI in Neurology
NEU 851Acting Internship:  Child Neurology
OBG 850 AI in Gynecologic Oncology
PED 850Neonatal Intensive Care
PED 859AI in Pediatrics
PED 878Pediatric Intensive Care
PSC 843 Adult Psychiatry, Inpatient AI
SUR 852AI in Pediatric Surgery
SUR 853AI in Otolaryngology
SUR 854AI in Urology
SUR 855AI in Plastic Surgery
SUR 857AI in Transplant Surgery
SUR 862AAI in General Surgery: Oncology
SUR 862BAI in General Surgery: Gastrointestinal
SUR 862CAI in General Surgery: VA Hospital
SUR 862DAI in General Surgery: Vascular
SUR 862EAI in General Surgery: Good Samaritan
SUR 862MAI in General Surgery: Morehead
SUR 863AI in Cardiothoracic Surgery
SUR 869AI in Trauma Surgery

2. Secondary Acting Internship to be chosen from the following offerings: 

ER 843Emergency Medicine
ER 875Pediatric Emergency Medicine
ER 890Emergency Medicine Off-Site/AHEC 
ER 890MEmergency Medicine Off-Site/AHEC (at Morehead)
FM 854HAI in Rural Family Medicine (at Hazard)
MED 871AI in Critical Medicine
NSG 864AI in Neurosurgery
OBG 851Gynecologic Subspecialties
OBG 854Clinical Clerkship in Obstetrics (Labor & Delivery)
OBG 863High Risk Obstetrics (MFM)
OBG 901 Community Obstetrics & Gynecology in Morehead
RBM 850AI in Rehabilitation Medicine
SUR 865AI in Surgical Intensive Care

NOTE: A second Primary Acting Internship will count as a Secondary Acting Internship.

3. One AHEC rotation (if not completed in third year) to be chosen from the following offerings:

  • ANS 890 Anesthesiology Off-site*
  • ER 890 Emergency Medicine Off-site*
  • ER 890M Emergency Medicine Off-site at Morehead
  • FM 841 Off-site Preceptorship in Family Medicine*
  • FM 854M Acting Internship in Rural Family Medicine in Hazard, KY
  • FM 854H Acting Internship in Rural Family Medicine in Morehead, KY
  • FM 855M Hospice & Palliative Care in Morehead
  • MED 857M Pulmonary Medicine at Morehead
  • MED 858M Cardiology at Morehead
  • MED 870M Acting Internship in Medicine at Morehead
  • MED 890 Internal Medicine Off-site*
  • MED 890M Internal Medicine Off-site at Morehead
  • OBG 890 Off-site in Obstetrics and Gynecology*
  • OBG 890M Off-site in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Morehead
  • OPH 890 Ophthalmology Off-site*
  • PAT 851M Pathology in Morehead, KY
  • PED 890 Community Pediatrics*
  • PED 890M Community Pediatrics at Morehead
  • PSC 890 Off-site in Psychiatry*
  • RM 850M Radiation Oncology at Morehead
  • DR 890 Off-site Clerkship in Radiology*
  • SUR 862M General Surgery in Morehead, KY
  • SUR 890 Surgery Off-site*

* You must be placed with a preceptor at an AHEC location in order to fulfill the graduation requirement. Please see the information on Off-Site Rotations (below) for details.

4. MD 840 Transition to Residency Course (Period 11, March 30 - April 24) 

5. Electives

In addition to the requirements above, students have five periods (20 weeks) available for elective rotations of their choice. (Students who did not do an AHEC rotation during the third-year must complete one during the fourth-year.)