Curricular Proposals

Curricular Proposals

All curricular proposals for courses and programs at the University of Kentucky undergo a review and approval process established by the University Senate. Proposals for changes in existing courses or programs, as well as proposals for new courses or programs, begin in the educational unit (department or center) and progress through the appropriate mechanisms within a college. Following approval at the college level, such proposals then are submitted for review and approval by the appropriate council of the University Senate.

University Senate Academic Approvals Information on the approval paths for various curricular proposals can be found at University Senate Academic Approvals - Quick Reference.

Submission of Course Proposals

All proposals (new, changed, or dropped) must be submitted electronically through Curriculog, the electronic Curricular Approval Tracking System.  Here are the steps for accessing Curriculog:

  • On the UK home page, click on the Link Blue link (top of page).
  • On the Link Blue page, click myUK in the left navigation bar.
  • Enter your User ID and password to sign on to myUK.
  • After sign-on, select Enterprise Services.
  • Next click on (Curricular Proposal) to access Curriculog.

Training Materials

The Curriculog Training Guide can be accessed with your Link Blue ID