Global Health Track

The UK College of Medicine Global Health Track (COM GHT) is a longitudinal program of scholarly study and inquiry for those medical students with a strong interest in global health. All students enrolled in the University of Kentucky College Of Medicine are eligible to apply for participation in the COM GHT. Those who satisfactorily complete the requirements will receive recognition at graduation and specific mentioning of their global interest in the Dean’s letter.


  1. Develop a broad worldview of communities with different lifestyles, health care systems, and geopolitical systems.
  2. Refine medical knowledge and skills through cross-cultural immersion.
  3. Begin to understand the basic principles of the health care systems of a given host country, and compare these systems to those in place in the United States.
  4. Describe some of the significant cultural factors that can influence the delivery of primary health care in the clinical setting.

How to Apply

For Intro to Global Health:

Global Health Track (GHT):

If you need assistance, please call the Global Health Office at 859.323-8048 or email Alison Salyer, Global Health Coordinator, at