Download the FAQs here. For additional questions not listed on the FAQ document, please contact faculty directors/staff.

How do I apply for the Global Health Track program?
Login to Canvas to apply or self-enroll thru the following links using your LinkBlue ID

For Intro to Global Health:  https://uk.instructure.com/enroll/GEPHTJ

Global Health Track (GHT): https://uk.instructure.com/enroll/KXPLE3

Are there informational meetings where I can learn more about the Global Health Track? Informational meetings are available in August during the first week orientation when the track is introduced to students. There may also be information sessions in partnership with GHA and additional sessions are scheduled as needed. Please contact administrative support or track directors for any additional questions after reviewing the website.

How long is the 4th year rotation? The rotation is for 4 weeks. There is flexibility in choosing which period to complete your rotation.

What sites are available for travel during the FM853 International Primary Care Clerkship? Currently, the sites that are available include Costa Rica (via ICHAI), Ecuador, Mexico, India, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Bolivia, France, Austria, South Africa, Zambia, Oman, Ethiopia and Israel. For more detail visit https://meded.med.uky.edu/node/27832

If I want to go to a site that is not available, what is the process? We want to offer the best opportunities for our students going abroad and this means vetting the individual sites and preceptors to make sure that they can provide an educational experience aligned with our core educational goals. We are continuously reviewing and updating our list of sites based on student feedback and can address requests for new sites individually based on what they offer. Keep in mind that even for vetted sites, the process of institutional approval may take up to 12 months. Another option is to go to a site on your own through the elective EXT 999, but it would not be eligible for the medical school scholarship program, although you may be eligible for an EA scholarship.

Is financial support available for abroad rotations? If so, how do I apply and what are the deadlines? Competitive scholarships for abroad rotations are available through the Department of Family & Community Medicine’s Gladys Renaker International Health Experience Scholarship, Child Family Health International, and the University of Kentucky’s Education Abroad Program. For more information visit: https://meded.med.uky.edu/financial-aidscholarships

How many seminars do I need to complete for the Introduction to Global Health course? You are required to attend two seminars per year for a total of four. If you are joining as an M2 student you will have the same requirement. Three to four seminars will be offered per semester, so you should aim to attend one per semester to complete the requirement

How do I receive credit for attending the Introduction to Global Health seminars? In order to receive credit you must submit questions from the reading material as assigned, participate actively in the discussion and complete your information on the sign-in sheet at the event. If for some reason you were in attendance and did not sign the sheet, please contact the administrative staff to let us know immediately in order to receive credit.

Once I complete a module/quiz do I need to submit anything to receive credit? The modules and quizzes will have you submit your completion certificate to Canvas or a screen shot of your proof of completion. Follow the directions on Canvas.

What is the time commitment for the Intro to GH course? The course will vary in length for each student, but the approximate time commitment will be between 25-35 hours. This includes the course modules, readings, and required seminars. This course can be completed over your first and second year.

Can I do the Intro to GH course elective in my second year? It is recommended you begin the elective during your first year due to the availability of spots in the discussion groups. You will also need ample time to complete the online modules. If you enroll in the course and decide not to complete it, you can drop with no penalty.

Other questions?
Contact the Global Health Office at 859-323-8048 or College of Medicine coordinator at 859-257-2826