Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be teaching classes—UK Lexington Campus or Regional Campus Faculty?
Basic science and clinical faculty teaching classes at the Bowling Green and Morehead campuses will hold academic appointments through the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. These faculty will provide lectures and laboratory sessions and conduct clinical case presentations, small group learning sessions, and various flipped classroom interactive sessions. Clinical faculty of UK College of Medicine based on-site will serve as attendings and preceptors in providing clinical instruction.

How will they receive their Lectures? Live Stream vs in-person?
Basic science and clinical faculty in Lexington will present lectures which will be live streamed to the Bowling Green and Morehead campuses. In addition, taped replays of lectures will be accessible to all UK College of Medicine students at all campuses online.

What are the class sizes?
Lexington: 126, Bowling Green: 30, Morehead: 10.

Will the expansion impact the one-on-one teaching methods with attendings at the Regional Campuses?
With smaller class sizes, students attending the regional campuses at Bowling Green and Morehead can expect small group and one-to-one interaction with their on-site faculty.

Will the application process be different?
Students applying to the Lexington and Bowling Green campuses will designate UK College of Medicine-Regular MD on their AMCAS applications. Students applying to the Rural Physician Leadership Program (RPLP) will designate UK College of Medicine-Other Special Programs on their AMCAS applications. In addition, students will be asked to rank order their choice of medical school campus as to the location of preferential attendance on the secondary application. More information on the application processes for the University of Kentucky College of Medicine campuses is available on this website under "How to Apply."

What is the interview process?
Students applying to the campuses of the University of Kentucky College of Medicine will be screened for interview using the same academic criteria and personal qualities across all campus sites. Selected students will be invited for an interview at their first choice campus: Lexington, Bowling Green, or Morehead.

Are there separate admissions committees?
Regional Interview Advisory Committees will collate information on candidates they interview. The final selection decision for admission to the three campuses of UK College of Medicine will be made by the Admissions Committee in Lexington.

Is the curriculum the same at all sites?
The Kentucky Integrated Curriculum, which combines instruction and learning of the basic and clinical sciences, will be presented in Lexington and Bowling Green. RPLP students complete their first two years of medical school in Lexington. The same required and elective clinical clerkships will be taught in Lexington, Bowling Green, and Morehead.

Is the degree from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine?
The MD degree from all three College of Medicine campuses will be conferred by the University of Kentucky.