Clinical Performance Examination (CPX)

2017 CPX Dates:  June 19-23 and June 26-29, 2017

Since the early 1990s, the University of Kentucky College of Medicine (UKCOM) curriculum has included a mandatory Clinical Performance Exam (CPX) to empirically document students' basic clinical skills.  Administered immediately following completion of students' M3 (clerkship), the CPX uses simulated patients portraying various ambulatory scenarios in a standardized fashion - and assesses key clinical skills such as history-taking, counseling, interpersonal communication, and professionalism.

The UKCOM CPX is similar in structure to the Clinical Skills (CS) component of USMLE Step 2, and features a 15-minute patient encounter followed by a 10-minute typewritten patient note.  To accommodate increasing class sizes, consecutive morning and afternoon testing sessions are typically offered, and consist of approximately 8 patient cases each representing all core/required clinical disciplines.  Administration of the exam occurs at the UKCOM Learning Center, located at 807 South Limestone.

Successful passage of the CPX is a graduation requirement, and students cannot sit for USMLE Step 2 CS until after satisfactorily completing the CPX.  With content expertise provided by core clerkship directors, our office coordinates and administers the CPX, which typically runs 8-10 days in duration.  Students receive individual summary reports comparing their individual performance on each station and clinical area with the overall class average.  Student performance results are provided to memebers of the Student Progress and Promotions Committee (SPPC); summary statistics are shared with Curriculum Committee or its M3/M4 Course Director's Subcommittee.  Individual remediation is provided to students who perform poorly on multiple stations and/or on certain skills sets (e.g., communication or physical exam).

Disclaimer: All sample reports include fictitious names and/or data, and any identifying information has been removed.

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Sample Individual Student CPX Summary Reports from 2016:

  • Patient Care and Communication Skills Report  PDF
  • SOAP Score Components Report  PDF