BA/BS/MD Program

Some students know early that a career in medicine is in their future, and their level of commitment to this goal, their maturity, and their academic achievements set them apart. For those students, the BA/BS/MD Accelerated Course of Study offers them the chance to complete a bachelor's degree (BS or BA) in Biology and earn an MD degree in only seven years. This program gives gifted and talented high school students who are certain that they want to become physicians or physician-scientists the opportunity to combine their undergraduate and professional education at the University of Kentucky.


The BA/BS/MD Accelerated Course of Study Program is committed to providing students every opportunity available at the University of Kentucky. Students in the program enjoy a wide array of benefits including:

  • a rigorous, challenging undergraduate career;
  • critical academic and career advising from select undergraduate faculty and medical school faculty members, as well as professional advisors;
  • opportunities to meet with/shadow specific practicing physicians in a student's field of interest;
  • access to knowledgeable medical school administration for guidance on the admissions process;
  • enrichment experiences in the College of Medicine designed to acquaint students with research, clinical, and community service opportunities during the undergraduate experience.